Tulsa, OK with Chase

Christine with Chase's picture by Sue Harke

Chase shows her concern for fans

At the Tulsa convention on June 28, 1998 Chase substituted for Nana Visitor due to illness. At the end of the day the autograph line was long and people waited patiently, but one person, Christine Rios-Jackson, waited patiently but painfully.

Christine is in a wheelchair due to a back problem. She valiently waited for her turn to see Chase. But when the pain became too great she told a friend. The friend told one of the Klingon security people. The Klingon security people told Chase. Chase stopped signing autographs at the autograph table, got up and went to Christine. Mike Davis followed with a photo for the fan. I did not see Chase interacting with Christine, but I know this is one person who will never forget Chase -- here's why.

I met her while leaving the con to go to my car and she was talking about her experience with friends with tears in her eyes. I identified myself as a member of Chase's fan club and explained that I wanted to take a photo for the Chase Masterson Fan Club newsletter. She agreed. We'll get the photo to you once the film is developed.

She reiterated her story and experience and held up the autographed photo from Chase for the photograph. I think Chase will have one new dedicated fan club member very soon. I asked her to write about her experience in her own words and send it to the fan club. But if she doesn't -- here's what I saw. If you want more details ask Chase or Mike Davis because they interacted directly with Christine.

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