Second National Church of Shatnerology

Second National Church of Shatnerology

Greeting fellow worshipers of Thé OTS. We do not pretend to be worthy of the honor bestowed upon us by being affiliated to the original Kool-Aid Drinkin', Apple Sauce Eatin' First Church of Shatnerology. It is to them that we are eternally indebted. I, the lowly Mistersauga Shatner, do hereby pledglei ineptunflagon, forpep tupep perfectonum.
Enter now all who dare!

You know it had to happen eventually... Shatner in a STAR WARS movie... He's the MAN.

shatner raps

Stompy aka Mistersauga Shatner got a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear with THE MAN himself on:

Friday, March 11, 2005





To view more pics from the show please visit:
Shatner Showdown

Me asking Bill Shatner about Free Enterprise II

Shatnerificus is in a Shatnerific new movie Shoot or Be Shot Now's your chance to OWN this Shatnerian Epic. Order it today from Amazon!

View the trailer for FREE ENTERPRSIE


Bill has come to us in Human Form

Two Daring Supplicants have created a film called Free Enterprise

The OTS plays himself as a Human Being named "Bill"

Watch The True Shatner Being in all His Glory

This is where it all started...
The UberPage of the First Church of Shatnerology!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later...

We've been discovered...

We are listed in the new book The Encyclopedia Shatnerica.
OK so who cares if the site was panned? We are now part of the official realm of Shatnerology.

Buy the book from UberShatner Mistersauga

OTS's Favorite Links

You know you wanna sing just like the OTS Tamborine Dude

What does TJ Hooker like to eat?

Vote for Shatner for President
Yeah I know he's Canadian

Cap'n Kirk Da..."Dancing Queen"


Other Interesting Shatnerstuff

Shat Beat by Victoria-Shatnereeka Bonds

Shatner is a Rock Prophet Odin..
he is an Eagle..
I am Freya..I know the dream time..
we share..ideas...and man love...rock love..
you see we are perfectly impartial but deeply loving it..
when we love we love with abandoned and go back to the end..of the beginning...
of our creation...that first glorious moment..that we entered the presence...of the Word...
so, when we are here on planet earth..we are Gods perfect Green Man terms..
or Rock terms..He is a Rock Prophet, much misunderstood, but really the real thing..anyway..
Us green people do put on Him all our mistakes in reverse..and He ends up being too perfect for this day...
I am frega..
carloses pet, he loves to hate..
carlos castaneda is the one who put this up... is Me..
He testifies without words that i am black crow he..
bill and don juan are too...

love vic bonds...

What other people are saying:

The One True Shatner ministering to his crew. It came to me in a vision after eating too much glazed ham. May it be pleasing to you and a blessing to all the faithful of the Second Church.

Thank you for a great website. You are a true steward of the Shatner.

Peace of Shatner,
Sr. Camron Shelton

A Tribute to William Shatner

he got a fine tan shirt with an emblem on the chest
the interstellar girls all like him the best
captain of the crew and he knows kung fu
and he did joan collins in 1932
really just an actor, and a genius to boot
he never gets to fire when the enemy shoots
so he ends each show looking neat and clean
after staring down the mouth of a doomsday machine
i really like the one where he reads the constitution
after ending all the fighting in a future revolution


"William Shatner", The Scofflaws, Published by Brian O'Sullivan (BMI)
(Available on SKA: The Third Wave from Continuum Records)
...Ubercantor Scofflaw Shatner

Kirk enrages Spock Spock belongs in the circus With the dogfaced boy Captain wears a rug Thinks that toupee looks so real Wonders why we laugh
...C. Giacus Shatner

"The 2nd National Church is one of the two best churches in the Nation dedicated to worshipping the OTS."
...Rev. Butros Butros Shatner

"WOW!!! Those dancing Shatners coupled with "Mr. Tambourine Man" truly made my morning! Screw the coffee and No Doz! That was the rudest awakening I've ever had! I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT! This page frickin' rocks; you should be awarded for your fine fine efforts! Stay groovy! "
... High Priestess Mara K. ShatnerMara

"This site gets 4 bannanas from Monkey Boy Productions. A site worthy of the almighty Shatner "
... Shawn Shatner (oh most Experienced one)

"Yer page doesn't suck as much as I thought it would"
...Kasey Chang

"I laughed until I stopped."
...Tarquin McShatner III

"To face the [Shatner]terror, is to face defeat!"
...SmartenShatner GTAllinsonShatner

"Shatneeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Shatneeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Shatneeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Shatneeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! "
...DaveWhiticus Shatnaricus

" I'm also happy to report that not only is the "Second Chuch" the TrekList's 1000th site, it's also going to be ranked as a "Commander" on the list. Congratulations! "
...Renegade Shatnericus

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