Denver with Chase

by Linda Budde

I drove out [to Denver] on Friday. Registration was at 6 pm. I met up with Patrick Stalnaker - fellow Chaser. We wandered around the dealer tables aimlessly most of the evening... taking time to get some dinner in between.

The next morning we helped with the fan club panel, wandered around the dealers room some more, and anxiously waited for Chase to arrive. She was on stage... promptly at 1:00. I had the honor of the first question. (Only because I bolted to the microphone first.... flattening everyone in my path) Just kidding. After her talk, I had the honor of helping her with the autograph table. Chase signed for several hours, and every single person received a handshake, smile, and a kind word along with thier autograph. Chase was part of a skit at 7:30, then retired to her room for some much needed rest.

We met the next day around noon with the club members in attendance, as well as some other new people I had the pleasure of meeting. Although it was a brief meeting, we learned more about each other, and we were entertained by Chase's new "slammers" (that I brought along.... actually meant for Jeremiah), and her ability to put on makeup in 5 minutes flat with an itty bitty mirror.

At 1:00 - the convention "boss men" came and drug her away from us... (okay.... NOT literaly... but you know what I mean) and she made another appearance on stage. Since I was busy setting up her autograph table with pictures, I didn't hear her talk, but I was informed later that she took the slammers on stage and was entertaining the fans with them.

Chase signed for several hours again. One little gal came through the line to get a photograph for her sister who was in the hospital with cancer. When Chase heard this, she asked for a cellular phone. I happen to have one, and Chase called the little sister and talked to her in her hospital room. The line was held up for a while, but no one minded. All I saw were several people at the front of the line, wiping tears from thier eyes.

After the last person came through the line, we threw her stuff together and made a mad dash for the airport. I can't top Stompy's story about running through the airport with a ladies outfit on a hanger trailing behind me... but I certainly did feel like I got a work out. Huffing and puffing, we said our goodbyes, and she was off to LA, and me back to the hotel.

After a nice dinner with a new fan club member, I got a few hours sleep, and heading for home today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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