Austin Sci-Fi Toy Show
Jan. 24-25, 1998

Chase and Stompy

Chase Masterson appeared at the Sci-Fi Toy Show in January, looking radiant as always. She came Saturday dressed in a brown velvet suit, with gold leopard-design accents. Chase ran to her table after greeting the Chasers who showed up to work the event.

The show was part of the "Men Behind the Masks Tour," a touring Toy Show featuring many of the stars of Star Wars and other Sci-Fi shows. David Prowse, Kenny Baker and Jeremy Bullock were there along with several other Star Wars luminaries, but I only had eyes for Chase.

She greeted each fan personally and made a point to shake their hands and look them in the eyes. So many stars just scrawl their name on a picture and shove it back at you, but NOT Chase Masterson. She makes each person feel special and she genuinely appreciates them coming to see her.

Chase had several pictures available to be autographed including a Leeta and Morn shot signed by Mark Allen Shepard, and a Leeta and Rom signed by Max Grodenchik. She also had a stunning new photo in black leather and pearls. She is quite a knockout! Chase personalized each picture and wrote a note to each person. Her wrists must have been aching by the end of the day but she never complained. Several brave Chasers helped out by accepting donations for Caring for Babies with AIDS and manning the Fan Club Table. Kurt Preston, Sue Harke, and I assisted Chase throughout the weekend. I was exhausted just doing the little I did, I have no idea how Chase maintains her energy and great attitude.

Saturday had about 2000 attendees and Chase said hello to everyone. Sunday was the day of the Super Bowl so attendance was somewhat sparser so she took even more time with each of the guests. On Sunday she was stunning in a red and gold bustier with a black velvet jacket and some really big shoes. Chase is a tiny lady but you'd never know it to stand beside her. She posed with fans for hundreds of pictures over the weekend with the biggest, flashiest grin you've ever seen.

One of the dealers came up to Chase on Sunday and handed her a big bouquet of flowers. He said they were from a guy too shy to give them to her himself. Chase got up from the table and went to find the guy to thank him personally. She really cares about all her fans.

Chase had to appear on-stage in an unplanned talk at the last minute. She talked with fans and interacted with them and made everyone feel very special. One of our new members was pressed for time and was going to have to leave without getting to meet Chase since she was on stage. Chase hurried down the steps and came running back to the table, no mean feat and those really big shoes of hers, to talk to Sara, and make sure she got an autograph.

I would like to thank the Hooters Calendar Girls for just being themselves and my buddies Kurt and Sue who helped out in too many ways to count and to Tony who showed up expecting to have fun but we put him to work doing paperwork. He came through like a trooper and never once complained. He is a great guy and Chase is lucky to have him around. Thanks friends, you really made the show wonderful!

My weekend was great just by getting to see Chase but when she gave me a BIG hug and thanked me for all I'd done, she made me feel really special. That is truly a gift this wonderful lady has and it is easy to see why hers is the biggest fan club out of all the Trek stars. Oh and Chase...The station did so get bought out by Pizza Hut and the show will be known in Season 7 as Deep Dish Nine. So there.

George "Stompy" Kuhr

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