Chase Masterson-The Queen of Outer Space


"I'm so excited!" Chase Masterson beams. The cohost of the Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Entertainment and newly minted Queen of Outer Space is "shocked and thrilled and honored" by her victory in TVGEN's monthlong poll of sci-fi fan faves. "And you know what? I'm a fan of the fans," she says.

Fresh from a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming episode of her other series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "It's a baseball episode called 'Take Me Out to the Holosuite,' " she laughs Masterson says her heart led her to science fiction. "It's a little embarrassing," she says, "but I had a boyfriend who was a real serious Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, and I was only allowed to call him during commercials. So I would watch Next Gen in order to know when I could talk to him. He probably should have gotten a VCR," she muses, but it all worked out in the end: "I started really getting into the show."

What she saw and liked about the genre, she says, is that "science fiction challenges us and opens us up and allows us to look at the world in a new and fresh and powerful way. It gives us an opportunity to care about things." And speaking of caring, Masterson's official fan club is the largest single private contributor to Caring for Babies With AIDS, the actress's principal charity.

"The fans I've met are really fun," she says, "but they're also really sweet and caring. People with good principles, I've found."

Sent by: Eric Stone

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