Chase Masterson

SCIFI.COM Chat Transcript: Chat with Chase Masterson, September, 26 2002

ChatMod: Okay we'll close the floor now

Chase: Thrill of the Chase

Chase: And before we begin -- we'd also like to say special "Thanks" to Trektoday, Section 31,, and for helping with this event.

Chase: This is Chase -- Thanks for joining us

Chase: This should be fun

Stompy: How's Inhuman coming?

Chase: I'm chatting from the set now!

Chase: We're doing pickup shots

Chase: I'm really excited

Chase: It's going to be a fun movie

Chase: You can see it in the Spring

Chase: You can always check my web site for updates

Chase: (shameless plug!!)

Stompy: I saw the aliens in the jars at look really icky

ChatMod: <loretta> to <ChatMod>: Tell us a little about the movie

Chase: It's a horror film/scifi with a really good script

Chase: The story has a great twist at the end

Chase: I play an ex-doctor of genetics

Chase: She's involved in a deadly game

Chase: In the film my son has died and I've lost my med license

Chase: But I keep on practicing anyway

Chase: The film's go a strong cast

Chase: Mostly newcomers

Chase: but some faces you'll know

Chase: Betty Okino is a lovely actress whose actually a silver olympic medalist

Chase: GA

Chase: Thanks for your comments about Terminal Invasion

Chase: We had a great time with that

Chase: It was especially fun working with Bruce

Chase: He's super top work with

Chase: -- a great guy

ChatMod: <Terracide> to <ChatMod>: Who were you closest to on the set of Star Trek?

Chase: Probably Max because we worked together so much

Chase: And partly because I had so much respect for his work

Chase: Arman took both of us under his wing

Chase: Which was a real treat and always helpful

Chase: Now we do the Feregi Family hour at conventions

Chase: We still have a great time together

Stompy: how are your days since you aren't just acting in it, you are also one of the producers?

Chase: Being on of the producers has been an interesting experience

Chase: I was involved in casting

Chase: and quite a bit in publicity

Chase: which we're doing a lot of

Chase: Production is something I hope do more of

Chase: I hope to produce for SCIFI

Chase: Thsese movies of the week on Saturday night are going to be really great fun

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <JimmyGlitz> to <ChatMod>: What is your favorite type of character to play?

Chase: Gosh...I don't really have one

Chase: I pride myself in playing a broad range of roles

Chase: From...

Chase: fun girl, toserious business woman

Chase: to heavy, emotional wife and mother stuff

Chase: the role in Terminal Invasion was

Chase: interesting because the character was so strong

Chase: and she had real courage

Chase: But I love comedy as well

Chase: GA

Chase: Let me add -- that's why Leeta was so special

Chase: She started out dating the cute English doctor and ended up as the strong committed wife of the Grand Nagus

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Larry> to <ChatMod>: Was it hard having to be in love with a Ferengi? (Hi from the Philly con last month)

Chase: A lot of people ask that...Actually, I think it was a brilliant decision on the part of the writers

Chase: Very much in the traditions of Trek

Chase: Plus it was a great job!

Chase: So it wasn't tough at all

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Terracide> to <ChatMod>: What is the main thing that drives you as an actress?

Chase: I'm driven by the ability that actors have along with writers and producers and directors to communicate to the audience in ways that we would never otherwise be able to

Chase: Not to be corney

Chase: It's almost like a ministry

Chase: We get to lead people to laugh

Chase: and cry

Chase: and refelct

Chase: And maybe hug their children more

Chase: Or do something better with their lives

Chase: It's a blessing to be a part of projects that do those things

Chase: And it's wonderful just to entertain people

Chase: Make them have a good time

Chase: GA

Stompy: Have you been watching the Dead Zone? Any chance of an appearance since Nicole is on it and Michael Pillar is in charge?

Chase: I love The Dead Zone

Chase: It's one of the best shows to come around in a long time because of Michael's genius

Chase: I'd love to be on it --

Chase: write and ask for me!

ChatMod: V

ChatMod: <Stella-OPAFA> to <ChatMod>: Much of what you're saying about acting sounds like the things we began to realize after September 11th. Did it affect you personally?

Chase: I think we were all gravely affected

Chase: And we still are

Chase: I had these feelings and motives about acting for as long as I can remember

Chase: But after last year I think the events of 9/11 made us all look at our priorities

Chase: I want more than ever to do work that makes a difference

Chase: That's part of the reason I love Science Fiction

Chase: It speaks allogorically to the real world

Chase: It's a genre where we can indeed make a difference

Chase: GA

ChatMod: How's work on the CD coming?

Chase: It's great

Chase: Slowly but surely

Chase: I'm self-producing it so it's taking awhile

Chase: I hope to have it out soon

Chase: Look for it on the website

Chase: under music

Chase: Thanks for asking

Chase: For those of you who don't know

Chase: It's going to be called Thrill of the Chase

Chase: It's music from the 30's, 40's, and 50's

Chase: Jazz, torch songs... music to make out to :)

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <cornhoolio> to <ChatMod>: What do you feel was the major lesson playing the role of Leeta

Chase: What a great question

Chase: I learned what's like being a part of a television family

Chase: Which can be a beautiful thing

Chase: DS9 was a very close cast and crew

Chase: with friendships and a connection the we will share

Chase: because we were a part of something so powerful

Chase: It's especially nice that we share a connection with fans the world over who loved the show as much as we did

Chase: That kind of "family" experience is one of the best things about out work

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <aillann> to <ChatMod>: would you do a Terminal Invasion series?

Chase: I would but I don't think that's under consideration

Chase: I'd love to do another series for SCIFI though

Chase: I would definitely consider developing a series and as I said I'd love to produce films for SCIFI

Chase: Would you guys watch?

ChatMod: Do you have any aspirations to write a screenplay for a movie or TV episode?

Chase: I'm not a writer, although I've come up with concepts for series that I'm pitching

Chase: I'm a better idea girl

Chase: GA

Chase: While I think of it I'd like to say a special hello to Stompy and the members of the fan club

Chase: I love all the support you give me

Chase: Thanks for being here!

ChatMod: <Larry> to <ChatMod>: My wife and I thought Terminal Invasion was poorly written and directed. The acting in it, though, was excellent. We would watch any series with you in it!

Chase: Thank you

Chase: I'd have to agree

Chase: The acting saved TI

Chase: Sometimes that happens and you've just gotta go with it

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Alon> to <ChatMod>: Is your new webcast show online yet and what's that addy again?

Chase: It was on this summer

Chase: But now it's in transition

Chase: There are some exciting possibilites for it that I can't mention yet

Chase: Possibly for next spring

Chase: we'll post the news about it on the website

Chase: GA

ChatMod: Do like doing live theatre?

Chase: I love theater -- almost more than anything

Chase: I grew up in theater

Chase: My first play was Oklahoma when I was 5

Chase: My first professional show was Midsummer Night's Draem, when I was eighteen

Chase: It's hard to do a lot of theater because I like spending time with my son

Chase: But I still enjoy it ocassionally

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <aillann> to <ChatMod>: do you get a chance to do much dancing these days?

Chase: When I get the CD finished I'll do more singing and dancing.

Chase: Please, no jokes about me being the J-Lo of SCIFI :)

ChatMod: <Alon> to <ChatMod>: You are very well versed in sci-fi, are there any shows you like alot outside of Trek?

Chase: I like Andromeda The writers have done a fine job with that

Chase: I'm excited to see how Firefly develops. Of course I loved X-Files. It's great that I can still watch it.

Chase: I'm really looking forward to Solaris and X-Men II

Chase: and of course the Matrix films

ChatMod: <loretta> to <ChatMod>: Is there any television show on that you would like to do (not scifi)?

Chase: Yes, I really like some of the hour dramas that are new this season

Chase: I shot a guest role on Presidio Med this week

Chase: It airs in late October I think

Chase: It's a great show

Chase: It was fun to do

Chase: I'd love to work on MEDS

Chase: There's some good television going on now

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Alon> to <ChatMod>: You've always been quoted in your fanclub newsletter talking about how much you appreciate your fans and want to get to know them, that you wish you could be the audience and ask them questions like in those convention Q&A's... so anything you'd like to ask your fans now? :)

Chase: I'd ask "What do you like most about science fiction? And why?"

Chase: In saying that in the newsletter I'm saying that it is nice to get to know our fans, at least a little bit got who they are...and not just "the audience"

Chase: People are more than just ratings numbers when you meet them

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Terracide> to <ChatMod>: Do you feel that the roles for women in television and film are getting better?

Chase: Yes I do

Chase: There's a lot of diversity in women's roles these days

Chase: Strong is sexy

Chase: So

Chase: -- and that's making it possible

Chase: That's another thing I've always loved about genre television and sci fi

Chase: Women have long been treated as equals, as well should be

Chase: Of course there's a lot to be said for women being fem fatales as they were in the original Trek too!

ChatMod: <geek> to <ChatMod>: > I love the Sexiest Geek Alive contest that you do each year. I hear they have a new sponsor for 2003. Will you be doing SGA 2003?

Chase: Thanks

Chase: I have a lot of fun with it

Chase: I'm not sure yet about the schedule

Chase: We'll let you know

Chase: It's a very fun concept

Chase: It'll probably be on the website in the spring

Chase: I enjoyed doing the Montel show a few years ago as a mentor for teen age "geeks" It was great experience to get to tell the kids that they are perfect just as they are

Chase: I hate labels anyway

Chase: GA

ChatMod: <Poffy> to <ChatMod>: I've have been hearing a lot about the new sci fi movie Michael Dorn is producing and directing Hero Before Dawn. I know he directed some episodes of DS9. How is he to work with as a director?

Chase: I was never in an episode that he directed

Chase: But I'm imagine he'd be very good

Chase: He's overall really great to work with, because he's so easy going

Chase: So unlike Warf

Chase: GA

ChatMod: Our hour is about up Chase, any comments?

Chase: I'd like everybody to know that I'm starting a charity project GENIUS -- Genre Entertainment Network In Union to Serve

Chase: We'll be auctioning high end genre collectables and all the proceeds will go to worthy charities

Chase: My fan club President is helping me on this

Chase: If you'd lik more information email me at and we'll let you know the details

Chase: Good night everybody

Chase: Thank you so much for being here

Chase: I'm glad you're getting in on the great new stuff that SCIFI is doing

Chase: Thnaks again to TREK fans

Chase: Keep in touch

Chase: God Bless

Chase: And thanks again

ChatMod: The floor is open

ChatMod: Thanks everybody

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