IB Exclusive With Advanced Warrior Chase Masterson

Wednesday,11 July 2001
InfinitelyBetter have been chatting to the cast of the forthcoming interactive movie Advanced Warriors.

Advanced Warriors is a fully interactive live action movie. You follow the path of Rachael (Rebecca Nichols) and Marshall (John Carrigan) who have been abducted from earth and forced to fight in a different universe.

As a viewer you watch the story unfold and make choices at key moments to decide what happens next. With everything pre-filmed, unlike other interactive stories, you donít have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Advanced Warriors has a possible 15 different endings, numerous different routes but only one true path to complete, this gives the user a unique movie experience.

Producers LightWorX have combined the latest in compression techniques with an action interactive movie that will work on a standard 56k modem and give almost real time video streaming.

InfinitelyBetter caught up with director Andrew Dymond and the cast on location.

The first of our four exclusive interviews is with Chase Masterson, known to many for her role as Leeta in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

IB: What I would like to ask you is about the things you have been doing since Deep Space Nine, I know that you have done a number of films and now you are doing advanced warriors a new internet concept but new internet concepts are not new to you are they, please could we start with the project you did last year Digigirl.

Chase : Digigirl was looking to be great fun. It was a neat project, but they have had a bit of a financial problem and it looks if it will not materialise now.

I was attached to light bulbs and whenever I moved in a certain way you could see a character move on the screen. So if I did something like a gymnastic move, it would make the character seem like they were doing this gymnastic thing. It was like someone could be my stunt double, anyone in the world, it would be able to look like me. Not that I couldnít do all those stunts mind you! (she says with a sly smile) It was a very interesting use of technology, as is the Advanced Warriors project.

IB: So what is it that attracted you to the Advanced Warriors project?

Chase : Advanced Warriors is one of the most groundbreaking projects that I have heard about in a long time. The concept of interactive entertainment in a live action format is incredible. So I guess what drew me to the project was the technology, the new ideas and I very much like Andrew. We were going to work together before on something, that project didnít end up going but this one is and beautifully. I am excited to be here, to be working with Rebecca and the rest of the cast, they are really great, itís a treat.

IB: Tell us a bit about your character.

Chase : I play Imogene. I have a wonderful suit and love wearing it! Itís a black shiny cat suit thing and not at all bad!

Imogene starts out as a kind of dorky virtual reality programmer, programming virtual uplinks to the ISS4, so Imogene is from the future until she is beamed through a vortex and popped into the year 2001 and in a brand new form, which includes her cat suit and few other minor adjustments! So Imogene is pleased with her suit and all the things it can do not to mention her new body!

IB: So what has life been like up to now since DS9?

Chase : Life has been good since DS9. I have had a new film out since called Sammyville in which I play the lead. I play a very down to earth role of a child protective services worker. I am convinced that a child has been kidnapped and taken into a closed community. The interesting thing about the film is that closed community is real. There is a real town, in the backwoods of Oregon called Sammyville. It is amazing. All these people live in a little shanty town and all the land is owned by Sammy and they all work for Sammy, itís like a kingdom. The other thing you find out is that all the people are running from the law. So Sammy has created a type of sanctuary out there. Like in the old days. The interesting thing is that law enforcement does not go out there, I spoke with people who lived in that town and they said that they donít go out at night, certainly not alone.

IB: How much research did you do before making the film?

Chase : I spoke to a few people but the director is from a town near there, and he knew about Sammyville, the real Sammyville. When he first went out to ask Sammy if he could shoot there, he was a trespasser and shots rang out!

These guys wore their guns the entire time we were shooting, they wear them everywhere, even around their little town. They even wore them to the wrap party, it really is like the wild west. So in the film I go up against the big boys in the town and try to get the child back. Check it out it is available on VHS and DVD from my website at

IB: Are there any more projects you have on the go or in the pipeline?

Chase : Sure, I am also in film called 'Lightening' which will be out later this year, and a new project that I am very excited about is called Deep Space Explorer. It is going to be out through I am narrating a history of the universe on CD ROM. Check it out. is a great website full of science fiction and science fact, I am very excited about this one. The CD ROM should be out sometime around Christmas.

One of the things that I am proudest of working on recently is my new album and that will be out later this year also. It is called ĎHell On Healsí and it is torch songs of the thirties, forties and fifties. It is really fun and pretty neat. I have always loved that kind of music and from what I hear a lot of people do. So check that out also.

IB: You will have to send us a copy of the CD and video so that we can review it for you.

Chase : I will do that, thanks.

IB: Thank you.

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