Continuum 99
(26th - 28th June 1999)

Continuum is the largest convention in Scotland and is held every year at the Glasgow Thistle Hotel. This year we all had the pleasure of the surprise guest, Chase "Leeta" Masterson who plays a Dabo girl in Quark's Bar on the TV series Deep Space Nine. Chase accompanied Lolita Fatjo (pre-production coordinator for TNG and DS9). The convention is a fan run event in aid of various charities. During the weekend Star Trek episodes are shown 24 hours a day in any of the 6 video rooms. Also at the convention there is a dealeršs room with about 15 stalls and on the Saturday night a Disco and the Sunday a Ceilidh where Chase and Lolita claim they got a little too drunk. Chase came to the convention with only three days notice and she coped very well with no preparation. During the convention Chase told us about her time on Deep Space Nine and her "friendship" with Max "Rom" Grodenchik saying that her and Lolita got on very well with each other. Chase was overwhelmed with the concept of alcohol at a convention as she said in the US that just does not happen. We were told that Chase's character Leeta was named after Lolita Fatjo. While in Scotland Chase wanted to "steal" a cone as, "a memento." Afterwards asking; "how long does it take to get out of jail in Scotland."

The most interesting story Chase told us was of the last day of filming Deep Space Nine. Chase and Rene were walking through what was left of the DS9 promenade set which was already being ripped down. Many of the valuable props had been procured by members of the DS9 cast. Chase wanted to find something to take. Rene noted that Doctor Bashir's Infirmary was still completely intact. Chase and Rene looked around and Rene said, "Hey, take it," So she did; "all of it." She had help from her son to smuggle out all the set in two giant boxes. Many of the props she took were medical sample bottles with writing to the words; "Alien Matter, Bio-Contaminate." Chase took the boxes home in her car and left them outside on the side walk where she went into her house. An hour or two later her landlord came running up to her door shouting, "Chase! Chase! You'd better come out here! There are dangerous toxic chemicals on the sidewalk and the fire trucks are on their way!"

So she ran out the front to see what her landlord was talking about, picking one up she threw it to him and shouted, "its just a prop." The convention was a great success and Chase being there made it even better.

Jonathan Grainger

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