Chasing Chase in Atlantic City
by Andrea Manwaring

I was so excited to get to the East Coast for the first time that I could hardly wait. The purpose for my visit was to promote two of our films for home video release. I was chaperoning Chase Masterson the star of Sammyville and Moira Kelly of Play For Me, at the East Coast Video Show (VSDA) in Atlantic City. I wasn't sure what to expect. I was excited and nervous about working with a couple of actresses and wondering if my interactions with them would turn into a scene from Gross Pointe, where I'll be trying to maintain the delicate homeostasis of primadonna personalities. But I was ready for anything.

The flight seemed endless. However, I was prepared. I had my work files and I planned on going over my itinerary. I felt like such an executive (well, except for the T-shirt I was sporting that read "My mom slept with Elvis and all I got was this lousy T-shirt"). But, I had prepared things so well that all I had to do was get there and let things happen. Now what? I didn't bring a book or a magazine and no one around me was interested in talking to a girl wearing a T-shirt referring to Elvis and my mother's sexual encounters. All I could do was peruse the in-flight magazine, and look through the emergency procedures pamphlet....Yikes!!!! That was enough to keep me strapped to my chair while visions of Fight Club danced through my head.

After checking in and getting into my room, I decided to take a stroll down the boardwalk. I was taking in the sights and smells of the sand, sea and sewage, when all of a sudden this drunk guy started to walk behind me, making cat calls. Great. I walked a bit further and tried to ignore him. He persisted. I turned around and said, "Hey, unless you plan on paying for my entire trip with my gambling money included, I suggest you leave me alone." Okay that didn't happen, actually I was saved by this extremely handsome looking man who offered to whisk we away on a trip to Europe, but of course I gracefully declined. Okay that didn't happen either. In reality, the drunk guy whistled a few times, I ignored him and he stumbled into a nearby casino. I guess I'll have to save the go-girl attitude for a later date.

The next day, Chase Masterson and I met for breakfast. We then headed over to the Convention Center to get things set up. We were no more than ten feet in when the comments started. "Hey are you here for the adult video show?" "I'll see you inside, you little hotties." "Can I have your autograph?" Great. I wondered if these guys were related to my friend from the night before. Chase aptly replied, "Of course you can have my autograph, but I am at the Video Store Magazine booth, and that's not in the adult video section." Obviously she has had to deal with this sort of attention more than I have. I thought really, who would be so stupid as to assume that a small breasted woman such as myself was a porn star? But with that thought I had to pause a moment and reflect, I'm sure the industry has that field covered too. Great.

We got to the booth early and set up shop. Within 10 minutes of opening, there was a line wrapped around the booth of attendees waiting for an autograph and photo with Chase. This lasted for a few hours solid. Moira Kelly was supposed to appear in the booth as well, at 2:30pm, but she had to cancel due to the filming of her current project. Chase took advantage of the time and stayed all afternoon, signing every last one of the 250 Sammyville photos.

I stayed close by and took pictures of Chase and googly eyed men, handed out my card and remembered to mention that the film would be available in January. The afternoon turned out to be a big a success! Chase's appearance got the word out about the film, as well as bring a great deal of traffic to Video Store Magazine's booth.

On Thursday, the last day of my trip, I was ready to go home. There was nothing to do there but gamble and spend money. I was bored stupid. Considering it was my first work related trip, I was trying to lay low and avoid living too large. So what are a couple of hotties to do? Chase and I planted ourselves at the first open bar of the day and sucked down a couple of Bloody Mary's while discussing the great mysteries of life. Then a group of older men in suits with obvious New York accents began chatting with us. They looked like mobsters, but they were only "Union Officials." Imagine that. Chase wooed them with her lovely smile and stories of her career. Then she ducked out for a quick phone call and left me there alone. Next thing you know we've got another round of drinks and I have these guys thinking I'm tight with Sid Caesar. They wanted to meet up with the two of us later, of course, but I could only promise I'd send some tapes. Chase came back, we finished our drinks and then said our good-byes.

After many hours in the air squirming and cursing under my breath, I made it home safely, anxious to get back to the sanity of Los Angeles. The trip was a success, and not the nightmare it could have been. Chase was a pleasure to work with and even more fun personally. I kept my cool, and really gave the impression that I knew how to do this PR stuff. I mean, I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to utilize my skills as Marketing Manager. Maybe they'll let me do it again!

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