Those of you who are attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con International will also get a chance to catch a preview screening of the superhero comedy The Specials. According to Comics 2 Film, the film will be shown at the Horton Plaza UA 14 Cinemas (near the convention center) on Thursday, July 20th at 10pm. Cast and crew members will be in attendance as well.

SCI FI SPONSORING FILMMAKING GRANTS The Sci Fi Channel is sponsoring a $1 million grant program to give money out to aspiring science fiction directors, and is also putting up the money for a film festival, titled, "Exposure: Future of Film Festival." Current entrants at the Exposure Fest include the documentary The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick, as well as the world premiere of The Specials, the follow-up film by the makers of Free Enterprise. If you'd like to take part in the fest, you can grab an application for your short film at


A representative of N Communications Inc. dropped Comics 2 Film a line recently to tell us about a movie project it is spinning out of their recently launched DigiComix website. DigiComix features interactive online comic books which feature live actors as the heroes. Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 are both featured in the online comics.

According to the communication, Masterson will make a movie version of her Digi Girl character. The release explains:

"Digi Girl is a new superhero created for an online comic book. The online comic featured the actress Chase Masterson of Star Trek DS9. The actress is merged into 3D and hand drawn art digitally The script and the storyboards were considered so good that within months of their creation, a movie deal was made.

"Now the company that is publishing the online comic, (which still has not been released to the general public) is producing the multi-million dollar movie. John Nelson who originally created the Digi Girl character, has also written the movie script. He says the script covers more background information like the origin of Chase Masterson's character Digi Girl.

"The comic begins with her as the Digi Girl character, with brief flash backs to her origins. The movie's production look and feel are to be true to the original online comic. A web video has already been created and released on the official comic site to promote the release of the comic in May.

"The publisher, N Communications Inc., says that the Digi Girl online comic was delayed due to the fact that quality is more important than mass producing a bad comic. Since the movie is in pre-production they wanted to make sure the comic art work reflected the time and effort the artists and writers had put into the project.

"A sneak peak at the comic is scheduled for the first week of May, and the first three issues of the comic to be released online in Mid to late May. An official date has not been announced. Behind the scenes photographs featuring Chase Masterson in a motion capture studio for the movie's pre-production are available on the web site."

Proucer/Creator John Nelson had this to add, "The Digi Girl movie is in pre-production, and some sneak photos are on the site now. The images [show] Chase Masterson wearing reflectors for motion capture. The motion capture will be applied to Chase's 3D stunt double. The company performing these services are Z Up Productions. The 3D animation is being produced by Pickett Productions, and the HDTV composite/editing work is being done by a new company by the name E6. All these companies are located in the St. Louis, MO area. The movie will be filmed in HDTV format, 16:9 ratio, with equipment provided by E6. An MPEG video short is on the web site right now, promoting the Digi Girl online comic."

February 14, 2000

Happy Valentines Day!

News has been a little slow while we’ve been putting the elements together for the upcoming release of “Sammyville” – including some special items for the DVD.

We’re thrilled to report that Chase Masterson has been named by Femme Fatales magazine as number 5 among the “50 Sexiest Figures In Star Trek.” It’s the April 7 issue (we know, we know, makes no sense...), Volume 8, Number 14.

For those of you who aren’t able to find the magazine, Chase’s entry in the article written by Mark A. Altman, producer of “Free Enterprise” and “The Specials” reads as follows:

“Both sexy and sensuous, Chase Masterson approved a small guest-starring role and metamorphosed her character into one of the DS9 ensemble’s most memorable members. Since first appearing as dabo girl Leeta – one of a coterie of Quark’s busty Bajoran beauties – Masterson has found herself married to Rom, Quark’s brother, and in and out of a relationship with Dr. Bashir, not to mention learning the art of baseball from Benjamin Sisko. Next up for the talented actress is “Sammyville,” helmed by ST:TNG writer Christopher Hatton. Masterson plays a social worker investigating the disappearance of a young boy.

Femme Fatale's Trek Sexy 50 2000

Chase Masterson [05]

Tuesday, August 17th, 1999
8:00 o'clock PM
at The Improv on Melrose

Chase Masterson

A Night of Comedy to Benefit CBA

For Ticket info call the Improv at 323-651-2583

Sammyville News

Sammyville Soundtrack now available in CD format with mp3 files so you can play it on your CD Player or on your computer.

This CD includes the following tracks:
1. Main Title
2. Cam's Journey Home Hear it here
3. Cemetary
4. First Visit to Sammyville
5. In the Bar
6. Trespassing In Sammyville Hear it Here
7. Separation Anxiety Hear it Here
8. Rock Wall
9. Who's In On It?
10. Hot Springs
11. Aftermath
12. Sammy's Walk
13. We Slay Our Demons
14. Cam Has A Gun
15. Cam In Sammyville
16. I Didn't Know Hear it Here
17. They Made Him Watch
18. Final Scene/End Credits Hear it Here

SAMMYVILLE (starring David Drayer, Chase Masterson, Lyle Schwarz) will be playing at
Dances With Films, a film-festival in Los Angeles.

Monday, July 26th, 9:30pm
General admission costs $7.00. A Festival Pass costs $100.00 and includes admission to all screenings AND gets you into the Filmmaker's Lounge and all parties (all week long). For more information call their info line at (310)394-9741. If you'd like to make reservations call (323) 656-1974.

Laemmle's Monica 4-Plex
1332 Second Street
Santa Monica, California

Great News Chasers:
A second screening of Sammyville has been added to Dances With Films.

July 27 at 10:30 AM.
So... Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Chase is very, very good in the film... and has a real shot at showing the world that she has a much larger range... Be sure to say 'Hi,' to Chris Hatton, the director. It's possible the Sammyville people will get together afterward and the Chasers would be welcome to attend.

Chase has been travelling so much that it's hard for her to reach out like this, but know that she'd really like as many of us there as possible


According to a interview in the May 99 issue of Dreamwatch magazine, Chase Masterson is planning on using her connections with the Sci-Fi Channel to bring to fruition a project very close to her heart.

"I've made a proposal to them to do a one-hour Deep Space Nine retrospective." Masterson told Dreamwatch reporter Paul Simpson "Isnt this great ? I hope it happens. It would be a look on seven years of wonderful television. It would air on the Sci-Fi Channel and probabily be released on video. I would produce and host it, but that's not the reason I want to do it. I want to do it because it should be done. I think, to be honest, I'm just the person to put it together having been on the inside and having the relationship with the Sci-Fi Channel and the fact I'm beginning to produce. What I'd like is to bring a bit of what this series has meant home in a cohesive show. If we do it right, there will be a lot of tears".

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