Queen of The Sexiest Geek Alive

March 14, 2000

Chase Masterson
Queen of the Sexiest Geek

Sexiest Geek Alive

March 14th 2000
Austin, TX, Earth.

Are you of the body?
The Few, The Proud, The Geekiest


Read the following article from USA Today

The news behind the Net
Calling on the gods, goddesses of the geeks
By Janet Kornblum, USA TODAY

Steven Phenix, an admittedly pasty, unathletic, socially awkward geek -- and proud of it -- was tired of sitting on the sidelines as he watched People bestow its Sexiest Man Alive title on icons of the screen. So Phenix helped start what is becoming a runaway hit on the Net: a contest for the Sexiest Geek Alive, being held on fledgling "infotainment" site Geek and Guru.

Being a geek means being "never appreciated for your beauty," he says; geeks are hungry for that kind of recognition. He's right, judging by the flood of contestants. As of Monday afternoon, 12,637 people, from as far off as South Africa and Australia, had filled out the online form, which not only asks for traditional contestant stats such as height and weight, but also seeks geeky information such as "Favorite Star Trek Captain." Entrants must specify their technical prowess by explaining their home setup (the more PCs, the better); whether they have engaged in such uniquely geeky behavior as choosing computer games over sex; and most important, why they entered (popular answer: to get a date).

The contest was males-only at first, but after complaints and a story about the bias on Wired online Friday, Geek and Guru happily welcomed everyone. Now entrants are nearly split evenly along gender lines. Rachel Muir, executive director of online site Girlstart, entered "to show girls that smart is sexy and being a geek is sexy, too." Muir's organization aims at encouraging girls' interest in technology.

The finals will be held in Austin, Texas, on March 14, the final day of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. The original plan was for the winner to be escorted by the Texas Bikini Team; Phenix says women can be escorted by briefs-clad men. He adds that, this being an open contest, gay contestants will be appropriately accompanied.



(AUSTIN, TX) Every year People Magazine puts the smiling face of some movie star on their front cover for the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue. Bestowing such an honor on celebrities ignores the fact the Geeks have now inherited the earth. For example, note that AOL just bought Time Warner—not the other way around.

Geek & Guru, the infotainment multimedia show on AOL-Time Warner’s Road Runner, wishes to correct People’s egregious error by hosting the first annual “Sexiest Geek Alive Contest,” on March 14th, the final night of the South By Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, TX. To qualify, you must represent a high tech company (can be a small company or self-owned). Entry is free and random entrants will win CD’s from the artists playing at the “Sexiest Geek Alive Pageant.” among other assorted prizes.

“Like it or not, this is Bill Gates’ world... we just live in it”

“Like it or not, this is Bill Gates’ world—we just live in it,” says Scott Rehling, 31, Channel Partner Manager for Exodus Communications. Rehling is a member of two prominent Austin bands—Dysfunkshun Junkshun and Curiously Strong. Rehling joined the contest early and hopes that his musical talent will give him a competitive edge on his geeky brethren.

Sorry Scott, unless you can hum in Linux, you have just a good as shot as every other geek.

Twelve finalists will be selected by late February. Photos, video interviews and bios of the twelve sexiest geeks will then be available for flaming at the Geek & Guru website. The finalists will be chosen--from their online questionnaire responses, knowledge of Star Trek trivia, and how well they wear a pocket protector—by a panel of High Tech geeks.

The “Sexiest Geek Alive Pageant” will be held Tuesday, March 14th, at Babe’s Bar and Grill, 208 E 6th Street, and features Ginger MacKenzie—’s “Best Artist of 1999.” New York’s Jet Set Six will headline and more acts to be announced.

"This really has taken off" says Jim "Roz" Rosnack, the "Guru" in the G&G partnership. "Since the official press release on Feb. 1st, we are getting 1000 hits a day 5 times the applications I had originally expected. There have been applications from all over the world, not to mention press from news organizations in Spain, Mexico, France, Germany. I am having a blast and cannot wait till the 12 finalists are chosen. Those who cannot attend or are special cases, will be in the Geek hall of fame to be posted in March."

The winner of the “Sexiest Geek Alive” title will be announced at the Pageant and simulcast over the Internet by

Rumor has it that Geek and Guru will also be publishing a “Sexiest Geek” calendar, but that rumor cannot be substantiated at press time.

The winner of the Pageant will be selected by a panel of judges—all proven to have a geek fetish, including members of the Texas Bikini Team. There are also rumblings of placing one of the finalists on a poster with two members of the Texas Bikini Team on each arm. Hopefully this will be marketed toward young geeks-in-training with the caption, “BE NICE TO THE GEEKS. SOMEDAY YOU’LL WORK FOR THEM.”

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