Since the age of five, Chase Masterson has worked in the theatre in addition to being an accomplished professional dancer. The Colorado Springs native attended the University Of Texas where she recieved her degree in Fine Arts. Besides Star Trek: Deep Space Nine she has appeared in Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Free Enterprise. I had the pleasure of chatting with her at the Northeast Supercon after  she thrilled the audience with a lively Q&A.

Tony Tellado: I have an idea for a book for you. Since you are the first lady of Feringanor and being a Bajoran, I'm sure not all of the Ferengi accept Leeta in that role. It would be interesting to see her diary while in her first year in office.

Chase Masterson: That is a great idea. Any ideas on how to do that Tony ?

T2: Well I do know John Ordover (Editor at Pocket Books) so if you like...

Chase Masterson: I know John and Margaret Clark. What do you think Leeta would say if she kept her diary?

T2: I think you have a better insight on her than I do.

Chase Masterson: That's a good idea though.

T2: Deep Space Nine was on seven great years. Did you have any idea that the story arc would be so drastic for Leeta ?

Chase Masterson: I had no idea and I'm very happy. If I had known as a simple young Dabo girl that I would be First Lady of Ferenganor, I don't know what I would have done. But it's all been very nice and I appreciate how much screen time, how much fun that the writers gave me. It's an incredible group of writers. Ira Steven Behr (Executive Producer) being one of the finest writers television has ever seen. It was a blessing working on the show.

T2: I also enjoyed when actors stepped behind the camera and directed their castmates like Rene Auberjonois who directed The love boat episode on Risa where Leeta broke up with Bashir in the Bajoran ritual of  parting. Any memories of that episode ?

Chase Masterson: Some great memories of doing that on location. It's always good to get out of the studio and do some fun stuff. We were on the set starting at about three o'clock in the morning so we could catch the sunrise and sunset to use all of the light that was possible in between. That was an experience of itself. It was really a lot of fun. There was just good comraderie and playing out in sunshine. One of the strongest memories I have was the day we arrived on Risa and during the scene where we all beamed in, Sid (Alexander Siddig) was notified that Nana (Visitor) was in labor. No sooner than we beamed in and said wow and all those things then he had to take off and have the baby. It was really wonderful and we were all rooting that it would go well, be safe and happy. That was a nice memory. A lot of goof heart . A lot of things that were all shared.

T2: Nana Visitor always spoke about getting her make up with her nose which she called her trunk (Bajoran nose) . What does it feel like and what is it like to have that done everyday ?

Chase Masterson: Well it took a long time. People don't realize. My make up took three and a half hours with hair make up and wardrobe. That was usually for the Dabo girl make up. It was less after that, you know wife and mother make up. It took a long time. Marina (Sirtis) always said that her makeup would take longer than Michael Dorn's. I guess it's that beauty thing that we have to go through. It takes a while. That's how long it takes me usually every day (Just Kidding!!) It's not a hassle. It's fun and fine. Had I had to be in full prosthetics like Rom or Rene that would be difficult to do that for seven years. But more power to them. They acted and every emotion was apparent right through some prosthetic latex. Like I said it's really admirable.

T2: How does it feel now that there is no more Deep Space Nine to work on ?

Chase Masterson: We all knew that it was time for us to go on to other projects. And that's exciting in a real sense. Then of course we'll miss the show and all the heart and soul that the show had. And how much we all loved being at work. That doesn't happen on every show. But it sure happened on DS9. It was a very good strong cast and crew. A lot of people that really loved each other...Yeah it was sad to see the show go.

T2: I understand you have plans for the internet.Your'e interested in multi media on the internet.

Chase Masterson: It's really exciting what's happening with internet programing these days with broadband technology. My partner and I are creating shows for an internet network. Hopefully some of those will be on. Hopefully we'll start shooting next spring. We' re writing those, getting those into development, and getting producers. We'll have to see. Hopefully there will be an audience for that kind of thing. I think that's what the internet is bringing right now. It's time with all that is happening with e-commerce and all the creativity that is on the internet, I think it's time for some programing.

T2: What about your website currently online ?

Chase Masterson: If anyone wants to know more about what I am doing these days either production wise or acting wise, and if anyone would like to help out with the charity that my fan club supports, that charity is Caring For Babies With Aids, (it's been a real blessing to help them out) and if you want to know more about that then log on to ChaseMasterson.Com.

Special thanks to  Lisa Mueller of The Northeast Supercon, George "Stompy" Kuhr of The Chase Masterson Official Fan Club and Chase Masterson.

Photos courtesy of The Chase Masterson Official Fan Club

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