Chase in Tennesse

Johnson City
by Andrew Smallwood

Well, I finally got a few minutes to do this quick write up of my second experience getting to meet our reason for this club, the beautiful Chase Masterson. Oh, and Robert Picardo was there as well. :) Just kidding. Chase, Robert, and Grace Lee were all wonderful.

The Johnson City con was quite underpopulated, making time with both Chase and Grace easily attained compared to some cons. I also got to meet Don Daniel, and Brett Homer and his mother as well. Working with Chase at her table during the day was wonderful, although if it was unhappiness Chase was feeling, it was something. I first attributed it to being tired looking (I know that look in the eyes....I see it every day!) as I was also still a bit worn out from a shoot on Friday.

Anyway, getting to see Chase again and meet fellow Chasers as well as Robert and Grace was wonderful. Chase also got to meet a couple of my teachers from East Tennessee State Univ that were there, and my astronomy teacher absolutely loved getting to meet her, and is interested in the club as well. All in all it was a great day, although I spent too much money as usual (but hey, what are every 2 year conventions for!).


Knoxville/Johnson City

by Don Daniel

On February 27 and 28, I once again had the good fortune to see our favorite actress, CHASE MASTERSON. By the way, Robert Picardo and Grace Lee Whitney also happened to be there. Chase was happy to see me(as always - sometimes I wonder why, but that's another story). I also got to meet fellow member, Andrew Smallwood and our fearless leader, Brett Homer and his mom.

The convention started on February 27 in Johnson City(a little over 100 miles from Knoxville) and Chase was gracious to each and every fan (just like she always is). Several of us had something for Chase for her birthday (including the book) and she was thrilled with each and every item. I myself was glad that Chase liked what I brought her - she is very easy to please and if she's happy, then I'm happy. I got the privilege of working at Chase's table (along with Andrew, Brett, and his mom). The convention here was all in one room, so we could work the table and still catch the stars on stage. I enjoyed Chase's session; but she embarrassed me just a little when she mentioned the names of the club members that were present. As I am a B-personality, I definitely do not seek much attention; however, some attention will be inevitable if you hang around Chase (from Chase herself). All in all, I had a very enjoyable day.

Sunday in Knoxville was pretty much the same with the exception that the dealers were in a separate room from the stage.

Over the course of the weekend, I managed to add a few new items to my Chase collection including a cool plaque with signatures from all three stars and limited in number to 50, a Leeta badge, and a photo that I didn't yet have. Unfortunately, all our efforts to have a club gathering on Saturday and Sunday were thwarted by the promoter (rats!). In spite of this, I had a terrific time (as usual) which was more than worth my driving effort. We also managed to sign up a few new members. Oh, I also enjoyed seeing Robert Picardo and Grace Lee Whitney.

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I could see that Chase was a little unhappy. Not meaning to sound too emotional, but my heart was breaking because Chase was unhappy and there wasn't a thing that I could do about it. It is very difficult for me to see someone that I care about as much as Chase be unhappy. Despite this, she was still very nice to me, showing me once again how wonderful a person she truly is. I'll close by saying that any words that I might type here would be woefully inadequate in stating my opinion of one and only Chase - the lady with a heart of gold; a woman whose physical beauty is matched only by her inner beauty.

From: Don Daniel

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