Convention report
Chase in Kansas City
(by Linda Budde)

Ok, I've had my caffiene..... had about 4 hours sleep. You would think I'd be tired, but the minute I woke up, I started thinking about the weekend and couldn't sleep. The Kansas City convention was put on by a group called Starbase KC, a star trek club. Although the floor plan of the hotel led to some challenges for them, the volunteers worked hard to pull off a convention that all the fans seemed to enjoy.

I arrived at 9:30 am Saturday for registration. I was wearing my Chase club card in a badge in an effort to meet up with fellow members Mike, Bob and Eric. It sparked some questions, and I told them about the club. ( I'm sure you will be getting some more applications in the mail Michele). Although I didn't find club members immediately, I found a couple new friends to visit with. I took a look at the many rooms they had set up. There was a panel room, where speakers talked about everything from costuming to the internet. There was an artist's room, a gaming room, a video room that had various old sci-fi movies and shows running all day, and of course a dealer's room. I was visiting with my new friend, when Mike and Bob walked by, caught sight of my badge, and introducted themselves. I didn't recognize Mike from his picture... He has lost alot of weight. Way to go Mike!!! You look fabulous! (Girls, he is single) I also was introduced later to Eric, Tom and Kevin. Chase was due to come out for autographs at 1:30, so I grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the dealer's room. Dennis Jacobs, the convention chairman saw me, and asked me if I'd be interested in helping out Chase. Me???? You bet!!! The minute I met her, I could see why she has such a following of loyal fans. She is truly a caring and friendly person. She shook hands and visited with every person that came through her line. She was like a magnet... people were just drawn to her. Chase signed autographs for about 3 hours, took a quick break, and was right back for questions and answers on stage. She delighted the audience with funny stories, her quick wit, and her smile. It also probably didn't hurt that she looked absolutely stunning in a short black skirt and sleeveless blouse. After the club held a raffle for doorprizes, the auction for CBA was held. A couple of autographed tee-shirts, and custome ST field jacket with autographs, a Voyager jacket, and a few other items were auctioned off with Chase's help. Club member Eric Joranson was the lucky recipient of a couple of items. A costume contest was held next, judged by Chase. Although it was not a very big contest, one couple surprised us all when the man proposed to his girlfriend right there on stage! They received a standing ovation. Chase mingled with her fans some more before heading back to her room.

Sunday morning all the rooms were open again, and Chase could be found in the exercise room, again visiting with fans as she rode a bicycle. What a trooper! Another autograph/picture taking session at 1:00, an interview at 3:00, and a quick bite to eat before she was off to the airport.

Let me say the trip was certainly worth it. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again in a second. For any of you that have not met Chase yet... you are in for a treat!

(Linda Budde from KS)

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