Cruising with Chase

In June of 1998, I had the fortune of being able to travel on a "CruiseTrek" with several Star Trek actors and actresses from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Seward, Alaska. One of those actresses was our own CHASE MASTERSON and son Jeremiah. This was my first cruise ever and so I was very excited about meeting and interacting with these Star Trek people. Not to mention being on a cruise ship with Chase for 8 days was one of the highlights of the entire cruise.

#1 June 11th: I first ran into Chase and Jeremiah at the Vancouver airport as we were gathering our luggage and preparing to catch a cab for a ride to the hotel. We spoke breifly about being excited to be going on a cruise and the pre-cruise party tonight at the hotel. I made my way to the hotel and took the afternoon to rest and get dressed for the party. At the party, I had the opportunity to have my picture made with Chase and Jeremiah. Everyone had a blast at the party as we got introduced to all of the actors going on the cruise. As usual, Chase was the highlight of the entire party.

June 12th: We set sail for a week of fun and adventure. All of the Cruise Trekkers had the opportunity to meet the Star Trek actors at a cocktail party that night on board the ship.

June 13th: Saturday found us cruising the "Inside Passage" as we sailed out way towards Alaska. Saturday afternoon was the photo session where we each had the opportunity to have our picture made with all of the Cruise Trek celebrities.

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#4 Chase was seated to the right of the people having their pictures made and she took the time to make the people feel comfortable and interact with them all so we would not feel like a production line. After the session was over, I had the good luck of catching Chase and Julie Caitlin Brown (Babylon 5's Na'Toth, and appearances on The Next Generation and DS9) outside on the stern (rear end) of the ship and each graciously consented to having their picture taken with me. How lucky can you get? Two gorgeous women with me on a cruise ship. I could have died a happy guy right then!

June 14th: Sunday morning there was an informal breakfast with Chase and Eric Stillwell (screenwriter and assistant to Michael Piller). Everyone there had a wonderful time. I saw Chase later that Sunday as all of the Cruise Trekkers posed for a group photo in the town of Ketchikan, Alaska.

June 15th: We spent all day in the town of Juneau, Alaska on Monday. That evening, I was walking around the top of Mount Roberts when to my surprise I ran into Chase and Jeremiah up there as well. They had taken the tramway to the top of Mount Roberts to catch a view of the city of Juneau and the surrounding area.

#5 June 16th: Tuesday morning, I caught a glimpse of Chase as we were exiting the ship in the town of Skagway, Alaska, for a day of relaxation and adventure. I later bumped into Chase again as she was doing some shopping in downtown Skagway. Tuesday evening, everyone was treated to an Actors Panel featuring Chase, George Takei, and Eric Menyuk. Chase had on a beautiful red shirt and black pants.

#6 After the panel session, there was a Charity Auction in which all of the Star Trek celebrities and behind the scenes people had dontated Star Trek items to be auctioned off for Childrens Charities of California. I was the lucky bidder for a cartag that read ROM-1 on it and autographed by Chase. After winning the car tag. Chase changed her mind about the Rom being number 1 and instead claimed that I was! Once again, Chase proved why she has the largest fan club of any Sci-Fi person.
June 17th: Wednesday evening, Chase visited every table during dinner to stop and speak to everyone. This is why I am in the fan club. Chase is a wonderful person who enjoys interacting with everyone and making them feel like everyone is her friend.

#7 June18th: Thursday afternoon, everyone gathered together for the Starship Races. Each actor is given a vessel from the Star Trek series, A set of dice are thrown to determine whose vessel moves forward. The first one to complete the course is the winner. Our lovely Chase was assigned the Romulan warbird. She came in second in her race. However, she would have won if her disruptors had not been off-line.

#8 Thursday evening, our last night on the ship, Chase came around during dinner with her video camera to film her fellow Trekkers on the final night on board the ship. Later that evening, everyone gathered again for the entertainment hour and cruise Trek farewell. Cahse was dressed to the hilt in a silver dress that was beautiful to behold. She sang a song titled "Latinum is a Girl's Best Friend." Everyone loved the song.
June 19th: Friday afternoon, I ran into Chase one last time as we boarded our flight from Anchorage to Los Angeles. Chase commented that she had a wonderful time on the cruise and that she was not looking forward to returning to work on Saturday taping episodes for Sci-Fi Entertainment. Everyone agreed that Chase was the best female Star Trek actress on the cruise. Everyone thanked her for her efforts to make each viewer feel like they are her friend and that she is one of us. Chase puts forth the extra effort to let everyone know that she appreciates their support of DS9, her fan club, and her charity "Caring for Babies with Aids". Chase is a wonderful person and I wish that there is more of her to go around. I look forward to going to conventions with Chase because I know that everyone will have a great time and enjoy the time spent with Chase.

I wish all of you peace and prosperity at the D'Abo wheel in the New Year of 1999.


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