Collector's World
Nashville, TN with Chase

by Don D.

Chase wows 'em again

On Saturday, December 5th, 1998 I was once again given the great privilege of seeing and speaking to the object of our great affection, adoration, and appreciation - the one, the only CHASE MASTERSON!(Sorry ladies, I don't mean to sound sexist or to refer to Chase as an object, so please don't get offended - she is truly one of the most wonderful people I know).

Anyway, I got to see Chase at Collector's World on Saturday and she remembered me(I hadn't seen her in almost eighteen months and my appearance has changed slightly every time I see her). To me, this spoke volumes. She was very nice to me(as she is to every single fan). Words cannot accurately express the tremendous amount of enjoyment that I receive every time that I see her. I had her sign some items that I brought, added some photos that I did not yet have to my collection, and got her to sign a baseball(because of her latest DS9 episode, which I haven't seen yet because the stupid station that shows DS9 moves the show around to whenever it feels like and doesn't tell viewers - but, I digress). We also got to take some pictures which I will probably send in for the N/L.

In summary, I would just like to say that each time I see Chase, I am reminded of why she means so much to her fans and why we love her so much(like I need a reminder, duh). Chase is most certainly one in a million!

Don D.
Chase-r for life

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