Chase Masterson
of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Sci-Fi Entertainment

Moderator: Chase, can you speak to the room?

Chase: Hi, everybody

Chase: !!!

Chase: sorry i'm late

Moderator: Welcome!

Chase: thanks for being here!

Moderator: Can you introduce yourself to the group?

Chase: i'm chase.

Chase: hi.

Moderator: we have LOTS of questions!

LtCmdrKim: What do you plan to do after this season of Deep Space 9 ends?

Chase: i'm really glad you guys waited.

Chase: i'm involved in several other projects--acting and producing. watch for me.

Chase: thanks for asking.

SueHarke: What was your favorite interview to date on Sci-Fi Entertainment?

Chase: hi, sue!

Chase: there have been so many great ones. Loved the Robin Williams interview, and we just did one yesterday on Chris, the new x-files guy.

Nick: Chase: Is it hard to do Sci-Fi Entertainment and DS9

Chase: it has been a bit of a juggle, but definitely worth it. I very much enjoyed doing SFE.

Linda Budde: Chase: do you have any conventions lined up? Would love to see you again!

Chase: hi, Linda!

Chase: yes, a few. am doing several with Slanted Fedora next year, and others. miss you!!

RandyKC: Chase has SciFi Entertainment been renewed with you still as the host?

Chase: Actually, i guess i need to announce it. SFE has not been renewed. i'm sad, and i'm sorry.

Moderator: Any idea why?

Chase: it just happened yesterday. There are new people at the network who don't believe that the Sci-Fi Channel needs a show of that kind. We just have to trust that they know what they're doing with the Sci-Fi Channel, and keep watching the great programming they do have.

Moderator: Well, I'm sure all the fans here are very disappointed by that news.

wook: curious if chase has given any thought to going after the role of laura croft in the tomb raider movie?

Chase: Thank you. And I want to thank everybody for the support, the letters and e-mails that you sent. I really, really appreciate you.

Chase: Laura Croft? Okay!

Dax22: How does she like the new Dax?

Chase: Laura will probably go to a bigger actress. I'm still in the building stages. But working hard...

TashaCat: will you're character on DS9 have a baby?

Chase: I really like the new Dax. Nicole is sweet.

Emony: Chase I recently saw the baseball episode. How did it feel to finally get off the set and onto real settings?

Chase: Don't know if we'll have a baby. Hope so. But what would it be like--cleavage with ears?

Chase: It was really fun.

Chase: Sorry i'm typing slow.

Sweetleaf: Have you ever wanted Rom to goto the dentist for that one really prominant tooth? Cause kissing that could really HURT!

Chase: It was fun do such a quirky, location show.

Chase: Yes, but pain can be fun...

treks: Hi Chase, Has it been hard adjusting to Terry leaving the show?

Chase: Not really, especially 'cause they still have great storylines.

stompy: Chase can you tell us about your fan club?

Chase: I just saw how many of you are here!

Chase: Thanks for being here.

Chase: hi, Stompy!!

Chase: I have the greatest club.

Moderator: How can people sign up?

Chase: I'm very thankful to have such faithful fans and friends in the club

Chase: and we've been thru some tough times lately with changes in leadership that are happening

Chase: but i think its a real testament to fandom and friendship that we're all still here; we really care a lot about each other.

Chase: it's a pretty close-knit group.

Chase: we do a lot of fundraising for Caring for Babies with AIDS,

Moderator: This the URL

Chase: a non-profit home in LA where hiv/aids infected kids live.

Chase: its a really worthwhile charity, and i'm happy to say that's one main reason that ours is the largest club in Star Trek fandom.

Eternal-Dreamer: Hi Chase!, has your character in DS9 gone the way that you would have wanted it to go when you first joined the series, and if not what would you have changed about it?

Chase: i never realized it would turn into such a long-running role. i thank God for that every day, for so many reasons.

Chase: Leeta is a fun role to play,

pointman: How do you feel being the Queen of Science Fiction.

Chase: and i like her as a person

Chase: leeta, i meant

Chase: it would be great if Leeta were able to display some remarkable strength by the end of the series,

Chase: something really strong or with great integrity, which she has...

Chase: you know, like Rom displaying his athletic prowess....

Chase: I love being the Queen of Sci-Fi!!! Wouldn't you? Thanks to all who voted!

Moderator: Thanks for coming online with us, Chase!

Deltaboy: cool

Chase: Thank you!! Did you know I'm writing an online column?

Terminus: Yes thanks for coming in!

LtCmdrKim: Cgaseem U kive yiu

Eike: Bye and thanks!


Chase: i'd love for you to read it!

QuarksLady: Thanks for coming Chase

treks: Thanks Chase Bye for now. We love you!

LtCmdrKim: cool Chace

CmdrColby: Chase, have you had any movie offers yet? What kind of movie would you like to do?


RomsbarVictoriaBC: Hi Chase! Douglas & KimberleyAnn wanted to just say hi and send hugs. Gordon.

stompy: Chase we love your eon articles

Deltaboy: bye, umm i'm new here

decontrol: will you do any trek movies?

QuarksLady: Tell Armin happy birthday for me!

Chase: its at, every month--

freddy62: Hi Chase !! You have a bunch of fans in Mexico City... I'm the president of the local trek fan club.

Rexxor: how are the kids,Chase?

GreenDragon: Varg.

Boba: I love you Chase.

Anubis: Hello Chase

Kaz: Thanks Chase!

Chase: its on charity work--let me know what you think of it!

Kerr: Take care, Chase!

Chase: Hi, everybody!

Nicole: hello

GreenDragon: Whoa man

QuarksLady: Leeta is beautiful, we love you!

GreenDragon: Kewl

freddy62: How can we get you to come South of the border to a convention ?

whitelion1: hello and good bye chase

LtCmdrKim: Chace, will we see you on any future Treks?

wook: absolutely bummed out about SFE, who is ruining er..running sci fi these days

Eike: don't be sad!

stompy: we love the eon article Jeff is very good to us

SueHarke: I look forward to seeing you at a con again one day soon.

Eleni: Chase come to Australia if you have a chance, you will love it

LtCmdrKim: Chase i mean

Wonderbug: thanks Chase!

Chase: Hi, Eike & Linda & Sue &Stompy!

stompy: When are you coming to Dallas again Chase?

q: Chase would you think Q john delance will be on ds9

TaylorD: Chase, where can I find your column

stompy: eon magazine

Chase: I'd love to go to Australia!



Chase: Don't know about Q

paulthing: thank for talking to us

zzatt: thanks :)

GreenDragon: Hahahah.

QuarksLady: I love your name Chase

Sweetleaf: who can we write to to tell them they are wrong for killing SFE?????????????????????/

freddy62: How about coming to Mexico ?

PerrinAybara: Are you ever going to come to Detroit? (pretty please)

Chase:!--Check it out!!

zor1: hi

Chase: thanks!

Kmton: Are you gonna be back in Kansas City anytime soon Chase?

Mog: Is there any current plans to end DS9 after this season or go for a 8th season?


LtCmdrKim: Chase, Anyone special in your life?


Deltaboy: my head hurts

Chase: love to come to Mexico! ASK for me!

stompy: Chase's article is on her Fan Club site too

QuarksLady: Chase, tell Armin I love him! (But I don't want Kitty to hurt me!) ;)

Terminus: You wish, LtCmdrKim

Chase: You're all special....

whitelion1: thanks chase

Eike: Head up!

Rexxor: Chase,how are your kids?

Earth2Kim: Thanks Chase =)


Chase: I'll tell Armin...

LtCmdrKim: Thanks Chase

freddy62: Who do we contact to invite you to mexico ? your fan club ?

Eleni: Thanks Chase

QuarksLady: ooh, thanks

Chase: My son is great!

stompy: Chase are you taking J out to any Hallowe'en Parties?

aREBEL: thanks

Andross: How many more episodes of DS9 will you be on?

Chase: 7th grade!

fiveofsix: Chase...Virginia is for Lovers...come check it out!

Kerr: Thanks again. Takce care, Chase

Meathooks: :-)

LtCmdrKim: Tell Ezre i love her

blackwolf: Do you have a personal web site, Chase??


Anubis: Thanks Chase

Rexxor: good

Chase: contact my fan club about Mexico or other cons!1

wook: bigfan: has a link also
(no it doesn't...stompy)


GreenDragon: I say chase shouldn't leave


stompy: Green is right

Eternal-Dreamer: Have you ever been to the Uk Chase?

Deltaboy: Ummm....

LtCmdrKim: Yeah, Stay Chase, Chat with usS

QuarksLady: Well I'll agree with GReen

Chase: don't know how much more ds9 i'll be asked to do--

Wonderbug: GD is right:)

Boba: Stay Chase, Pretty Please.

QuarksLady: Stay forever and ever

Eike: A new leadership in Club?

QuarksLady: :)

Rebel-1: glad i met u chase :)

RandyKC: Chase, it was great seeing you in LA last week

Eleni: Chase, what hobbies do you have?

GreenDragon: Yeah chase

Chase: the writers really listen, so ask them about more Leeta!

GreenDragon: Stay here!!!

S-T-I-C-K-Y: Chase, how come you always smell so good?

Chase: hi, randy!

QuarksLady: Come to a con around NJ to meet you in person

GreenDragon: lol

Emony: yeah stay!

stompy: Ron Moore is great

Chase: great seeing you, too

GreenDragon: Stay here!!!

Emony: How does sticky know how Chase smells?

Sweetleaf: WE LOVE YOU CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY!!!!!

Chase: my son is all i spend time on, besides work--no hobbies

GreenDragon: I say ya shouldn'y leave

stompy: Chase thanks for the call, all my friends are jealous

QuarksLady: Armin is even more gorgeous in person

QuarksLady: he doesn't Emony, he's just being ignorant

GreenDragon: CHASE STAY!!!!!!!

Chase: love you too.

whitelion1: his web browser has smells 2.0?

* GreenDragon begs. *

Chase: would love to stay.

LBudde: Yes... I'm jealous :)

QuarksLady: Hi Stompy! How's it going?

Emony: *L*

Andross: What is it like on the weird sets of DS9?

Chase: maybe we can all chat another time.

Eternal-Dreamer: What books do you like reading Chase? if you get the time that is?

LtCmdrKim: Chase, How do you liket Nana's new hair style?

stompy: Hi QL

Earth2Kim: Thanks for coming, Chase!

GreenDragon: Yeah, SURE

Swoop: Chase are you a single mother? If so is it pretty tough with shoots and what not?

Chase: ds9 is not weird?

Nick: BYE

Boba: Thanks Chase.

Swoop: hah

QuarksLady: Anytime Chase...we appreciate you spending time

stompy: Nana's hair-yucki!

Rebel-1: chase u could be snowwhite you are very charming :)

Chase: I mean not weird!!

wook: chase: has the sci-fi channel talked of any other projects for you since the SFE decision

whitelion1: see you next time chase:)

freddy62: Could you repeat the web address of you fan club ?

GreenDragon: With all due respect Chase, I don't think we could chat, y'know????

QuarksLady: We understand you're busy

Styles: Thanks Chase

Chase: love you

Eleni: I have 2 girls , and I think they are pretty special as well. They certainly take alot of time


Mog: SFE only got canceled yesterday :)

GreenDragon: I mean, let's be ironic.


LtCmdrKim: Thanks for comin Chase, if i ever see you in a convention, ill be sure to say hi :)

GreenDragon: You're Queen of SciFi

Chase: could someone address of the club?

Eternal-Dreamer: bye bye Chase take care

Mog: Phone, darn it


Emony: Thanks for coming Chase!! :-)

Boba: I love you Chase.

* wook all wave *

Chase: write me c/o Star Trek!
Deep Space Nine
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

GreenDragon: ..Therefore you don't have time to chat with us lowlies!

Anubis: toodles chase



Chase: love you!

GreenDragon: Get it??

softnwrmsub: hope to see you in florida real soon

stompy: I am Chase's webmaster if you have any questions

QuarksLady: Hugs to you, Chase

Nick: bye-didily-i

OO7: Hi Y'aLL

GreenDragon: Chase has to leave

Chase: read!

GreenDragon: Surrrreeee

Wonderbug: thansk you again, Chase. And have a Happy Halloween!

* GreenDragon is a ironic little bugger *

Eike: Bye Chase. Have a great weekend..

RandyKC: is it still PO Box 611 Waterbury CT 06720 ?

Chase: yes, stompy does a great job with my website. Much thanks to him

Eleni: Bye Chase hope to catch you in Australia soon!!!

QuarksLady: eonmagazine is really good

stompy: Jeff has links to our site on

Chase: happy halloween!

freddy62: Chase you're real class and we love you !!!


LtCmdrKim: Bye Chase, ill miss you

QuarksLady: oh yeah!

OO7: HaY

QuarksLady: Happy Halloween to you too Chase

Wonderbug: :)

Chase: no, not in waterbury!

Nicole: HELLO

Earth2Kim: Bye Chase! Happy Halloween!

GreenDragon: Mwahahaha

QuarksLady: Green Dragon, take it easy

Chase: contact the fan club online!

Emony: Happy Hallos eve, Chase!!

PerrinAybara: Bye Chase! Thanks for the interview!!!


* GreenDragon runs around screaming *

Chase: halloween?

OO7: I came here

GreenDragon: CHASE!!

LtCmdrKim: yeah

Emony: yeah

Chase: maybe a chocolate covered cherry.

* GreenDragon laughs *

OO7: And chase wasn't here, I left and now yer leaving?

Swoop: hahThe Westside IS halloween :)

RandyKC: then i don't know what the new physical address is, sorry ;^(

You can write to Stompy at:
The Official Chase Masterson Fan Club
3713 W. Pioneer Dr. #1909
Irving, TX 75061-1012
...I will forward all the mail to the correct resources

Earth2Kim: LOL, yum

* Deltaboy looks around confused *

GreenDragon: hey!

QuarksLady: yuck



QuarksLady: i hate those :)

Wonderbug: BOBBOB: watch it!

musky: is kirk here

QuarksLady: love chocolate though with marshmallow inside

Swoop: The Westside IS Halloween...year round! :>

Moonpie: You are a tease Chase. :)

rad1701: Is Chase Masterson your "stage" name?

Chase: no physical address yet announced for the fan club

GreenDragon: I can tell my friend I talked to Chase Masterson and learned what she would be for halloween!!

LtCmdrKim: Chase, you goin to be with someone from DS9 cast on holoween?

GreenDragon: YEAH!!

Rebel-1: You r very sweet chase :)

Chase: contact the club online1

stompy: Chase is the kewlest lady in the universe

Swoop: Chase is aces.

* GreenDragon parties!!! *

Swoop: And Peaches.

QuarksLady: haha swoop

Chase: no, i'm trick or treating w/my son

Swoop: hehe


QuarksLady: awww, that's sweet!!

GreenDragon: lol.

Oskar-: umm....Chase is BOSS.

freddy62: Leeta is Bajoran for classy lady

Chase: something like that...

SueHarke: Chase, the address for the fan club is on the website

musky: captain beam me up

* OO7 readies his 1-8 adjustable lightsaber *

Chase: hi nicole

Chase: thanks

GreenDragon: Chase rules!!!

stompy: I have a PO Box in Dallas and I will forward all the mail to the final location


QuarksLady: lol

LBudde: Chase.... call me sometime! I miss you!

GreenDragon: RUN CHASE!


LtCmdrKim: Chase, if im ever in a convention with you, ill be sure to say HI, Im Dmitry

Wonderbug: i know:) we had Walter Koenig and Chase Masterson (#1!) here

whitelion1: yeah nicole

QuarksLady: yes, we'll keep you hear forever Chase :)


Chase: i'll call you, linda!

Playa: Hello

Nicole: HI


GreenDragon: RUN!!!

BASS: so whats happenin

stompy: ::snap::

* OO7 takes a picture *

Chase: aaaahhh!

rad1701: Thanks for coming Chase!

stompy: ::flash::

Rebel-1: i will take chase anytime of the day

Wonderbug: lol

* GreenDragon takes a picture of Chase *

Chase: Quick ! in the car!

GreenDragon: Allrighty then!!!

Nicky: thanks for coming too Chase

* GreenDragon dives into Chase's car *

GreenDragon: Oops

Emony: Watch out Chase! Don't let them grab you!!!!!

Chase: just kidding.

Wonderbug: hurry up!

GreenDragon: Sorry a bit hyper!

Boba: I'm going to watch reruns of DS9 just to see you Chase.

Wonderbug: hehe

* Oskar- guards harm shall be done! *

QuarksLady: Playa: Scifi.con

Swoop: Chase is as smokin as a overheated phaser! ;)

Sweetleaf: Have fun and be safe Chase God Bless

softnwrmsub: did i miss walter?? (POUTING)

Meathooks: We all love u in the startrek chat room!

Chase: never run from fan....

OO7: B Y E   C H A S E ,   ( e v e n   t h o u g h   I   n e v e r   s a i d   h i )  

PerrinAybara: * wishes he brought a camera

stompy: cause we all love chase Playa

Chase: walk fast, maybe....

whitelion1: chase, i would be more worried about the martians

Chase: bye, 007

Playa: Oh, O.K.

LtCmdrKim: Chase, do you like pressing buttons on the DS9 set consoles?

Wonderbug: Chase is cool, #1!

SkyFire: BYE CHASE!!!


GreenDragon: LOL

Swoop: Long live Leeta and Rom! May they spawn many children!

QuarksLady: Enjoy the rest of the season Chase

GreenDragon: Hahahha.

QuarksLady: spawn? oh my!

* OO7 stabs oscar with his 1-8 adjustable lightasber *

Chase: much love, swoop!

stompy: she's not a fish

Earth2Kim: Bye Chase!

Emony: I think there is a fan riot!!

whitelion1: seeyah chase

Chase: i'm loving ds9

musky: lol


Oskar-: hey-hey, none o that

* GreenDragon salutes Chase Masterson and bows. *

Rebel-1: chase say good bye and hi to Rebel_1 :)


stompy: DS9 has been great this season

Chase: don't disappear after the show is over, okay guys?

GreenDragon: We are the borg.

Wonderbug: don't yell BOBBOB

Trexx: hi

Emony: Watch out Chase!!

Swoop: I've loved DS9 since the pilot aired :> I am to easily controlled ;)

Terminus: We won't disappear

Earth2Kim: We wont

QuarksLady: I'm rootin' for Quark to win Ezri on the show

LtCmdrKim: We never will

Linda Budde: Have a wonderful evening everyone!!! Time for me to be Suzie homemaker and fix supper.

GreenDragon: Hhaha.

stompy: Chase we are yours forever

Rexxor: Chase,is all this stardom overwelming?

QuarksLady: But I personally want him for myself ;)

Swoop: Quark and Kira ;)

Chase: thank you.

Oskar-: the trekkies wont leave you alone, Chase

Wonderbug: I won't Chase:)

Meathooks: we're not worthy.... we're not worthy!!!!

GreenDragon: You will BE ASSIMILATED!!!!!

Chase: bye, Linda

Pizza-Man: Sorry... but I don't know who Chase Masterson is...

BASS: all right im back

softnwrmsub: resistance is FUTILE....LOL

QuarksLady: Quark and me!!!

Pizza-Man: :)

Swoop: hehe

q: Chase would you think that q will be on ds9

Eternal-Dreamer: aufwiedersehen Chase

RomsbarVictoriaBC: Take care Chase. Say hi to J. for us...

smithers11: neither do i

Boba: Bye Chase!!!!!


Pizza-Man: lol

GreenDragon: Cya Chase!! Live long and PROSPER!!!

Chase: aufwiedersehen, Eternal Dreamer...

GreenDragon: Cya Chase!! Live long and PROSPER!!!

BASS: anyone from NM

Emony: Pizza-man doesn't know who Chase is!! GET HIM!!!

LtCmdrKim: CHase, will DS9 incounter the borg this season?

GreenDragon: Cya Chase!! Live long and PROSPER!!!

GreenDragon: Cya Chase!! Live long and PROSPER!!!

Swoop: bis bald!

GreenDragon: Cya Chase!! Live long and PROSPER!!!

QuarksLady: Bye Chase!

freddy62: We won't leave if you don't drop out of sight... you keep acting and we'll keep watching and rooting for you.. :-)

marykate: hey CathyB are you from OBSSE?

Chase: don't know about the borg

SueHarke: Bye Chase.

red: be well chase

GreenDragon: MWHAHAHA.

Chase: ll&p, guys!

Eleni: "Q" has already been on DS9 once with Vash, will he back for another?

GreenDragon: Cya chase.

PerrinAybara: Bye Chase!!!

stompy: hoggs & quiches Chase

LtCmdrKim: Chase, Did DS9 finish Filming?

Emony: Bye Chase! :-)

Chase: dunno

Sweetleaf: np chase

CathyB: MaryKate, that you?

LtCmdrKim: Or are they like finishing the last episodes?

Chase: bye perrinaybara!

Pizza-Man: Who is he????/

Swoop: I think they are still filming some takes

stompy: when are we going to see Free Enterprise?

RandyKC: talk to you later

Emony: Leeta Leeta Leeta Chekov Leeta Leeta etc.

Oskar-: hey Chase, got a headache yet?

stompy: you were great in Trekkies BTW

TheJackal: Hi Chase

Pizza-Man: I'm sorry but I forget.

marykate: CathyB : that's me! never used this before. hope I'm coming in fine

Chase: we have about 14 more episodes

Swoop: hehe

PerrinAybara: Yea!! Chase talked to me. I can die a happy man ;-)

Chase: Free Enterprise is the greatest movie

Chase: 11

Swoop: LOL

BOBBOB: beware the Wrath of Freddie

Pizza-Man: lo

Swoop: Those gazing upon her can die a happy man ;)

Andross: 14!?!?! SWEET!!!

Sweetleaf: love you God Bless

stompy: How 'bout Manboy The Series?

Chase: watch for Free Enterprise w/Bill Shatner and Eric McCormick

q: Chase my wife is a big fan of yours and her birth day is monday can you e-mail me and say hello to her ?

aREBEL: byeand farawell parting is such sweet sorrow

TheJackal: Chase, do you like the X-Files?


Chase: manboy is on its way,

Emony: Chase answered one of my questions!! Hurray for me! All will rejoice!

Chase: stay tuned...

QuarksLady: Rom was so cute in the baseball ep when he begged everyone not to quit..."Pleeeease?" I loved that!

Chase: Love the x files.

Chase: rom is cute

Swoop: Support Chase!

Romulan: Hi all, this is facinating

stompy: with Full Frontal Stupidity and everything?

Orion-Mathis: good evening room

Eleni: Chase I wish you all the best after the end of DS9 hope to catch you another SciFi show, maybe on Crusades would be nice.

Emony: LOVE the x-files!!

Swoop: More movies and tv with Chase!

GreenDragon: Support Chase with money!!!

LtCmdrKim: Hey Chase, Would you like to play anyone elses wife on DS9 then Nog?

GreenDragon: Support Chase with money!!!

Swoop: More movies and tv with Chase!

BASS: brb

TheJackal: X-Files......................Fight The Future

Pizza-Man: Chase rulez!!!Now tell me who he is!

SkyFire: I looove you Chase :) Keep the good work!

LtCmdrKim: Dragon, Stop

ILTXFILES: ILTXFILES..... = I Love The X-Files (and Star Trek too!!)

Dottkomm: If they do a DS9 movie would you want to be in it?

Swoop: Vivaaaaaaa las Chase!

GreenDragon: Chase, continue with the work.

SueHarke: Chase, hope you can read fast.

stompy: Chase is a gorgeous woman Pizza

GreenDragon: Continue.

Chase: Guys, I gotta wrap it up. Thank you for your ongoing support, whether it is ds9 or SFE or films coming out or more tv.

wook: swoop: think we need to at the least email sci-fi and let them know about our feelings in regard to SFE


Pizza-Man: I'm going to hit myself for not knowing... He seems to be worshiped.

Elizabeth: bye chase! thanks!

TheJackal: k bye

Chase: I mean it. You've warmed my heart and I appreciate you.

Nicky: bye Chase

Boba: Bye Chase , Love you.


rad1701: byebye

Swoop: Be well Chase

Emony: Bye Chase! :-)


* Pizza-Man hits himself in the head. *

Moonpie: .

Chase: Keep in touch, okay?


Terminus: Bye Chase, you're wonderful!

TheJackal: Bye chase, nice talkin' to ya!

Wonderbug: Great! Have a great evening Chase:)

Rexxor: bye chase,and thanks!

freddy62: We love you right back Chase... see you soon in Mexico !!!

Chase: Love to you all!

stompy: bye sweetie

GreenDragon: Beam me up, Chase

TheJackal: BYE

* Pizza-Man hits himself in the head again... *

Chase: see you in mexico!

Emony: Happy Halloween Chase! Bye!! :-)

BASS: holy shit there are a lot of people on this chat room

whitelion1: now u notice?

Chase: Ask for me at cons! I love doing them, and then I can come and see you!

Wonderbug: this is a convention!

Chase: Love you all!

Chase: Keep in touch.

stompy: By chase

QuarksLady: Bye Chase! Take care!

Chase: Bye!

Silver-eyes: hello

Wonderbug: thanks!!!

Swoop: bai Lady Chase

Emony: uh oh. They changed the subject!

GreenDragon: Cya chase altough I may never see ye agaain!!


GreenDragon: Cya chase altough I may never see ye again!!

Eleni: bye

TheJackal: Hi.

RandyKC: g'night

Emony: Bye Chase! (Isn't there a lot of byes for you?) :-)

Silver-eyes: Merry met everyone and blessed be

Rebel-1: who cares about vince chase is number one with me

LtCmdrKim: Chase, turn your privet conversation thingy on

Jadzia: Hello all

Moderator: We would like to thank Chase once again for join us here.

QuarksLady: Merry meet Silver-eyes

Swoop: lol

Merly: ILTXFILES!! You are on my XF list!

* Oskar- wonders why chase keeps saying 'goodbye', but never leaves (not that it's a bad thing) *

stompy: yes thanks chase

ILTXFILES: lol cool

Emony: Thanks Chase!

Boba: Thanks Chase.

Eike: better late then none :-)

Merly: Member me?

Jadzia: Thanks Chase!!

whitelion1: au revior chase

QuarksLady: Long live Chase!

PerrinAybara: Thanks Chase!!!!

QuarksLady: Queen of Sci-Fi!

* Elizabeth wants Vince to get here! *

Chase: Bye!