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Chase Masterson TVGen/Yahoo Chat, April 14, 1998 TVGEN:: Good evening Sci-Fi Fans. Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our guest tonight is Chase Masterson--Leeta from STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. Chase is cohost of the Sci-Fi Channel's new original series Sci-Fi Entertainment.

Chase Masterson: Hey everybody, it's great to be here! How's it going?

Stompy: Chase, tell us about Sci Fi Entertainment.

Chase Masterson: It's going to be great. We debut Friday May 1st at 6:30 pm EST, 12pm PST and it's going to be a really fun show because it's going to be both hip and informative about what's going on in Sci Fi today.

BrettHomer: Hi Chase! Would you like to take this moment to tell everyone about your Fan Club and CBA? :)

Chase Masterson: Hi Brett! Hi to all my club members joining us! I have the coolest fan club I'm honored to say. I think one reason it's so great is because we do a lot of fundraising for a fine charity called Caring for Babies with Aids which is a house in LA where the kids live. I think it's the coolest thing about sci fi that we're able to come together and reach out to the real world around us. Anybody who wants info on helping us do that, let me know. We have a great time with the charity.

Socialist_: Will your role be expanded next season?

Chase Masterson: I hope it will. So, keep those cards and letters coming We're not really sure what's going to happen, but I'm really excited we have a 7th season and I know its going to be great.

Startrekker_dot_com: Can you tell us how Dabo is played?

Chase Masterson: No, can you? There isn't really a Dabo game, but we play lots of other fun things.

Stompy: Chase, have you heard if your new action figure from Playmates Toys will be out anytime soon?

Chase Masterson: Yeah. It's out and I'm happy to say it's sold out! They're pretty hard to find, but no worries. In October they're coming out with the 9 inch dressable and undressable version. Let me know how you like it.

Cartman64357: How long does it take for the make-up crew to do your nose?

Chase Masterson: It takes a total of 3.5 hours for hair, makeup and wardrobe, but it usually takes me that long anyway!

Startrekker_dot_com: Will there be a DS:9 movie?

Chase Masterson: Don't know but we're hoping. Talked to Ira Behr last week and he is all for it. They really listen, so let them know what you want regarding the show.

Scifi_99: What is the next episode you will be in?

Chase Masterson: What a cool name! Did your parents name you that? Is that a cross between Us and Get Smart?? It's hysterical. Called Profit and Lace, and I really can't say much except for you just may see a DS:9 character in drag.

BrettHomer: If your son ever told you he was interested in acting, how do you think you'd react?

Chase Masterson: No, no, a thousand times no!!! It ain't easy, ladies and gentlemen. Not a lot of glamour at 4am when you start work. I do get to do some pretty cool online chats, though.

Lpvan: Leeta or Chase! Do you like the people who work with you? Avery Brooks, Terry Farrell, etc.

Chase Masterson: Everybody is really cool. The whole Star Trek cast and crew is a great team--a bit of a family. You got to really credit the producers for that. A few certain members can be a pain in the a$$, but it's all good.

ZarkDaMan: Chase, I think you're a wonderful actor and incredibly talented. How did you land a role on a prestigious show like St:DS9??

Chase Masterson: Thanks, that's really nice. I auditioned pretty much like everybody else, but a couple months ago Ira Behr told be that they wrote the role for me. I had auditioned once before before I got the role of Leeta.

Startrekker_dot_com: Will Dax really leave Star Trek?

Chase Masterson: We've all been wondering. Stay tuned for the season finale and we will see.

Stompy: Chase, who are you going to have as guests on Sci Fi Entertainment?

Chase Masterson: We've got a great lineup. In the first two episodes we have interviews with Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc plus actors from Xena and Hercules and later in the season we will have scientist and real astronauts which I think is a real turn on. These real astronauts are pretty studly.

Martinguest_51a039912: First I wanted to say that I love you in DS:9 and that you're a great actress! Now the question is, are you upset that its DS9's final season next year, because I am.

Chase Masterson: Hi Martin! Thanks for asking. It's a little tough to think about because truth is I will really miss Rom, but it is always good to go on to other things. Star Trek is the neatest job an actor could ask for, largely because of you guys. But the beauty of it is that it will never end. It's true.

Earthfirst_: How did you get into acting? What did you do in high school? Did you go through college? How were you discovered?

Chase Masterson: Hey, Earthfirst. I never thought of myself as having been discovered. I was sitting in a soda shop one day.... My mom was a director, so I pretty much grew up in the business, Never did the standard high school thing much. Always working in theater. I danced professionally for a couple of years, ballet mind you, and then I got my degree in acting from UT Austin. Then I came out to LA. My son was pretty much the only person I knew when I moved out there, so it hasn't been easy so I'm doubly happy now. Gosh, I'm chatting online worldwide!!

Captain_Beatle: Chase, how is DS9 life? Would you ever want to be on a real space station in space?

Chase Masterson: Yeah (hesitantly). I'm a little afraid to fly, so maybe they'll beam me up. But I think those possibilities are really interesting. I kinda wish I was born later to see what would happen. Would you???

TVGEN: Are you a sci-fi fan as well as an actress?

Chase Masterson: I really am a fan, which doesn't make me any less serious about my work, it's just that I'm in total awe and respect for the people I work with. Think about it. DS9 is one of the best written shows on tv. It's got real comedy and pathos too. The writers are incredible and not to go on, but I really love the medium of sci fi because it speaks to our real lives.

Bond_Girl15: What was it like working with George Clooney?

Chase Masterson: Who? Rom is much cuter.

Sitruc_of_Borg: Did you like working on Sliders?

Chase Masterson: Yes, very much. Great concept for a show.

Heidi: Chase, Hi from Victoria. Congratulations! The kids want to know if we will see your new show in Canada?

Chase Masterson: Hi Heidi! My friend. Don't I have the coolest job? Yes Heidi the kids ( I met these guys at a convention they did), I don't think Canada gets the sci fi channel. Yet. Ask for us.

GatorGirl007: What would advice would you give youth that want to be in your place? My name's Destiny.

Chase Masterson: Your name is Destiny? Well, there you go! I think it's much less luck than hard work and blessings. Get in there and do it 'cause you love it. No matter what the cost. It's not a sensible business, we're all fools.

jeffdguest_6a039923: Chase, greetings from Canada. Is it difficult to kiss Max with those Ferengi teeth?

Chase Masterson: It hurts. But some people like that. Why, were you planning on kissing him?

Stompy: What did you think of "Far Beyond the Stars"

Chase Masterson: I loved it. I thought his direction was amazing.

Admiral_crillan: If you could be any other character on DS9 who would it be?

Chase Masterson: I think Quark, wouldn't you? There is a little bit of Ferengi in all of us.

Stompy: Chase did you have a good time at Grand Slam and where are you off to next?

Chase Masterson: Oh, very much, as always. Great to see everybody. Doing Pittsburgh Comicon April 24 - 26, maybe curbing convention appearances a bit, busy with the new show. I love to do conventions though because it's really cool to met everybody. Ever since my first run, though, I've been like "everyone is so cool, can I get their autographs, too?" I guess I'm like the Dharma of Sci Fi.

PEPPERONY: How do you handle yourself when you are confronted by strange trekies?

Chase Masterson: I guess things are sometimes intense, but I've never felt really scared or threatened. I'm not going to complain about being loved too much. Other actors should be so lucky. Other amazingly talented actors don't get to work so much, that I feel so lucky. Am I just a walking love fest??

SurfGirl511: What roles do you really like to portray?

Chase Masterson: Hey, surfergirl. I really want my own series. I think a quirky, crime drama. Like Ally McBeal. or something.

EricJamesStone: What is the most challenging part of being a Star Trek star?

Chase Masterson: Well, my nose itches. Probably the hours away from my son. But who can complain, just this year alone, I brought him to Australia, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii. He's 11 and he's the only kid in his class with a mother for an action figure, so that carries some weight. They play with my action figure. Cool, is this your mom? cool. Is she coming to pick you up? Hehehehhe.

TheKJB: Chase - Ken Bussanmas here. We worked together at the anniversary conventions with Shatner. Great to see you with a regular gig. With this show on Sci-Fi, are there any talks about you reprising your role on Sliders?

Chase Masterson: Hi Ken. Probably not 'cause Sabrina Lloyd is off the show and I played her sister.

Sitruc_of_Borg: How can I become a member of your fanclub?

Chase Masterson: Oh, thanks. You guys can get info at

Guardian_Entity: Could you tell us a little about the guy who plays Morn on the series? What is he like in and out of the costume?

Chase Masterson: Pretty quirky. He is in a band and wants to speak on the show, but I doubt they'll let him. The joke would be over.

loganguest_0bc40331: What is the most Northern point on THIS planet you've been?

Chase Masterson: I'd like to see your passport! I was in Alaska when I was a kid and I just did a movie in Antartica the new Steven King film entitled Ice Station Erebus (for Southern points). It will be out this summer. But of course we shot in Valencia.

Staja_Ame: Sorry, if this has been asked before, but how long does it take to film one show?

Chase Masterson: Sorry, that's been asked before. Ok, seriously, 8 days an episode. About 14 hour days. But it's a great gig.

Srayd: DS9 is the most thoughtful of the Trek series, why do you think it is sometimes treated like a bastard stepchild of Star Trek?

Chase Masterson: Thank you. And thank you again. I didn't think it was, but if so, maybe because of the tremendous mainstream popularity of Next Generation. I think you're right though, that we have a show that is based on people and what's going on inside them as well as outside. I think that's what entertainment is about. Getting to touch people in a funny or serious way when they come home at the end of the day. It's almost like a calling, like a ministry. I love our show. Wish I could talk longer, maybe next time. Watch our new show starting Friday, May 1st. As well as DS9. And let me know what you think! Love you all, thanks for being here.

TVGEN: Chase, thank you so very much for joining us this evening. Please come back again.

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