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Chase Masterson is best known for her break-out role on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," one of the highest-rated syndicated shows of all time, Chase is a fan-favorite worldwide.

AOL listed Chase as one of the "Ten Sexiest Aliens in TV History"

TV Guide's Online Readers Poll voted Chase the "Favorite Science Fiction Actress on Television"

Sci-Fi Universe Magazine honored her as one of the "Top 20 People to Watch in Hollywood"

UGO included her in their list of the "Top 25 TV Hotties, and the Schlubs They Inexplicably Love"

Femme Fatales listed Chase as one of the "50 Sexiest Women of the Year"

Film Fetish listed Chase in their "Hot Leading Ladies of Film"

She currently stars in "Doctor Who Big Finish" and has the title role in its spin-off, "VIENNA," currently in Season 4. Chase has a lead in "Survivors," nominated for the BBC Audio Drama Award.

Chase has starred in numerous features including her role opposite Bruce Campbell in the first Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie, "Terminal Invasion." Chase has starred opposite many of Hollywood's favorite leading men, including Jerry O’Connell in "Sliders" and Ryan Seacrest, when she was Co-Host of "NBC Saturday Night at the Movies."

Chase's previous film & TV roles include the Emmy-winning episode of "ER," a recurring role on "General Hospital," and leads in "Manticore" for Syfy and other features. She recently had a cameo in "The Search for Simon," an award-winning British sci-fi feature, and she starred in the multi-award-winning sci-fi noir, 'Yesterday Was a Lie,' released by Entertainment One.

She is an accomplished jazz singer and recording artist, with a critically acclaimed CD, "Jazz Cocktail."

With author Carrie Goldman, Chase is Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, bringing resources on how to combat the bullying problem to pop culture conventions and working to change societal norms and public policy regarding bullying.

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Actress Filmography

You're Not There (2023)... Dr. Steiz
Over a decade after surviving an unspeakable trauma, Maggie Donovan struggles to reconcile newly-sparked romantic feelings with sinister memories.
The Baby Pact (2022)... Jennifer Becker
Mitch and Elizabeth (Haylie Duff) make a pact that if in ten years they are both not married, they will marry each other. After ten years Mitch surprises Elizabeth by showing up unannounced and following through on their pact. And now in the sequel, a major event happens in Elizabeth's life that causes her to leave Boston.


Accidental Squatter (2022)... Amelia Harper
SLOANE is newly homeless with 6 months to get a job and home to see her child again. She is fired from a house-sitting job, but sees a murder, and the assassin sees her. Afraid, she breaks back into the house, living in an abandoned room.
Climbing Life (2021)...
A married couple adopts two young children who witnessed their own parents murder. To help the children accept the loss, the couple must first deal with their own past demons.
Tempest: An Angel's Wrath (2021)... Dr.Angel Conch
A genius neuroscientist is forced into a covert yet all consuming war against powerful corporate forces that threaten to steal and bury a bio-formula that would radically improve human health and longevity.
Skipping Stones (2021)... Mrs. McDowell
A bittersweet story of a young girl coming to terms with the loss of her brother and her relationship between her brother's best friend, who caused his death.

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Manipulated (2019)... Karen Jones
Three woman are suspects in the murder of John Davis. With major pressure for a win from the Mayor and the investigation stalling, D.A. Diane Conrad asks her best interrogator Detective Scott Keating (who has been on an extended leave of absence for personal reasons) to take the lead on this case and find out who is guilty of the murder.
What We Left Behind Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (2017)... Herself
Celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek and 25 Years of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with this unique, independent documentary from 455 Films, directed by Adam Nimoy and produced by series showrunner Ira Steven Behr and David Zappone.
Unbelievable!!!! (2016)... Captain Connie Garrison
Unbelievable!!!!, the film, is an homage and parody of B-rated Science Fiction movies of the 1950's and 1960's. The dialogue is intentionally stilted; the acting wooden; the direction and camera work skillfully poor; as are the special effects which are totally amateurish and laughable. As well, the sets, costumes and props are all of makeshift quality. However, the plot is solid and propels the characters through the entire story as though it has a serious intent or statement. Screenplay by Steven L. Fawcette!ourlatestwork/c1t44
The Search for Simon (2013)...
The Search for Simon is a comedy science fiction feature film about a man named David and his lifelong search for alien life.

When David was 10 years old, his younger brother Simon disappeared from his life forever. His father told him that Simon 'now lives with the space people'.

A year later, David's father died and his mother refuses to talk about what really happened. David dedicates himself to the world of extra terrestrials, looking for the space people and the truth he knows must be out there.

David is now a man and he's still searching for Simon. Traveling the world, meeting anyone who has a story about abduction and UFO sightings.

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R. U. R. (2012)... Sulla
R.U. R., the Czech play where the word "robot" was invented. It's about genetic engineering and robot rebellion, and it could be the best robot movie ever.

R.U.R. stands for "Rossum's Universal Robots," and it's about a company that figures out how to manufacture synthetic humans. They're called robots, but in fact they're more like synthetic biological beings and eventually they revolt against their masters.

Fist of the North Star (2011)... Mamiya (Voice)
The Toki Saga , The Souther Saga, The Ray Saga

Mamiya is a female village leader who bears resemblance to Kenshiro's fiancee, Yuria. She has limited skill in the martial arts, and uses weapons such as bladed yo-yos, bow and arrows, and kunai in combat. In the past, Juda slaughtered Mamiya's parents and kidnapped her with the intent to make her his concubine, branding her with the "UD" mark on her back. She eventually managed to escape, and in her humiliation, renounced her womanhood and became a warrior. Mamiya recruits Ken and Rei as guardians of her village and later accompanies the two for several arcs of the story.

During the trio's time together, Mamiya, due to her similar attributes with Yuria, develops deep concern for Kenshiro, though he does not acknowledge it; she also becomes the object of Rei's affections. However, burdened by the shame of her past, she is never able to express her love in return. In order that she would never forget him, Rei uses his final living days to challenge Juda, whom he defeats and avenges the crimes that Juda committed against Mamiya in the past. Moved by his sacrifice on her behalf, Mamiya is able to re-embrace her womanhood, renouncing her life as a warrior. Following Rei's death, she only makes sporadic appearances through the remainder of the manga.

Other series and episodes are being redubbed by Chase and will be released with the Fist series...

2011 Lun Lun the Flower Girl 2 Various Characters (voice)

2011 Lun Lun the Flower Girl Various Characters (voice)

2011 Starzinger II Queen Lacet (voice)

2011 Starzinger Queen Lacet (voice)

2011 Starzinger III Queen Lacet (voice)

The Truth is Out There (2011)... "Herself"
Dean Haglund is an actor, an improv comic, an artist and an inventor. Best known by millions of fans the world over for playing one of the computer-hacking Lone Gunmen on 'The X-Files' and their own spin-off series, Dean has become closely identified with the realm of the paranormal and the world of conspiracy. He has even found himself at the center of a conspiracy theory surrounding the events of 9/11. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE follows Dean Haglund as he travels the globe hoping to discover just what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracy, or conspiracy theories, are everywhere.

Yesterday Was a Lie (2006)... Singer
YESTERDAY WAS A LIE combines the thrills of a classic detective film with the creativity of science fantasy.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2005)... as Janice (Voice)
Chase voices Janice, a character in the Robotech Saga.

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Free Enterprise Five Year Mission Edition (1998)... Chase Mastereson

Star Trek spoof feature film also starring William Shatner, Shatner plays himself trying to convince two aspiring writers to write a musical version of "Julius Caesar". Chase filmed several scenes but does not appear in the final version of the film. However, Chase is seen on the DVD Director's Edition.

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Chastity (2005)... Diana Midnight
Chase has just finished her role as one of the leads in the improvisional remake of the Sonny Bono film Chastity which starred Cher in 1969.
Take Out (2005)... Nicole Blu
Chase is playing a Bluesy Jazz Singer in this comedy from Seth Landau. She wrote and performed an original song entitled, "Tell Me That It's Real." Trivia fans should note that the film also stars Daniel Schweiger who played Schweiger in "Free Enterprise" which also featured Chase. Filming is completed and it making the rounds at film festivals worldwide.

Now available for a limited time to watch online. Chase's singing scene starts 1:00 hour in.

Dark Woods (2004)... Miranda Clark
Razor Entertainment rereleased Sammyville in 2004 as "Dark Woods"

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The Chase Masterson Collection (2004)... Miranda Clark/Dr. Kat McKenna
Razor Entertainment rereleased Sammyville and Creature Unknown in 2004 on the Double Feature DVD "The Chase Masterson Collection."

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Comic Book: The Movie (2003)... Herself
Chase appears as herself in this mockumentary filmed at San Diego's famed Comic Con in 2002 and directed by Mark Hamill.

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Creature Unknown (2003)... Dr. Kat McKenna
Chase has a starring role in this mystery-horror film. She plays a disenfranchised ex-doctor who lives in the woods. Produced by Creative Light Entertainment, the company who distributed Sammyville.
aka Inhuman and released in PAL DVD as "The Forrest" in the UK.

Creative Light reformed as Iron Sink Media and runs

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Lightning: Fire From the Sky (2001)... Anna

Overwhelmed by a disastrous lightning storm that his son predicted, a man must learn to trust his son in order to save his family and the whole community. Chase plays a pregnant woman who goes into labor just as the storm hits. The DVD is now available for the first time from Porchlight Entertainment.

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The Specials (2000)... Moira Murphy

The world of The Specials is exactly like our world, with one simple difference--superheroes. Indeed, The Specials are the 6th or 7th best superhero team in the world. They've spent many a day fighting supervillains, saving lives and combating natural disasters...   This is not one of those days...

From the folks who brought you Free Enterprise...

The Specials Official Website is offline due to legal reasons ( as is James Gunn's archive but the memories will live on... James "Minute Man" Gunn's personal website has a couple of pictures.

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Sammyville (2000)... Miranda Clark

Chase has the lead in Sammyville, where she plays Miranda Clark, a social worker from the city, who searches for a kidnapped child in a remote Oregon community. Directed by Christopher Hatton, written by Christopher Hatton & Dave Drayer and produced by Jian Hong Kuo. Check out our SAMMYVILLE page for lots of new information.

Razor Entertainment rereleased it on DVD in 2004 as "Dark Woods."

Trekkies (1999)... Chase Masterson

Chase appears as herself in this 1999 documentary by Roger Nygard.

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Sometimes They Come Back for More (1998)... Major Callie O'Grady

Feature-film, released in Europe but Direct to Video (DTV) in the US, based on Stephen King characters also starring Faith Ford ("Murphy Brown") and Max Perlich ("Homecide: Life on the Streets"). Trimark Pictures. aka "Frozen," "Sometimes They Come Back IV," and most recently, "Ice Station Erebus."

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Free Enterprise (1998)... Chase Mastereson

Star Trek spoof feature film also starring William Shatner, Shatner plays himself trying to convince two aspiring writers to write a musical version of "Julius Caesar". Chase filmed several scenes but does not appear in the final version of the film. However, Chase is seen on the DVD Director's Edition .

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Where No Fan Has Gone Before:The Making of Free Enterprise (1998)... Chase Masterson

Behind the Scenes Documentary about the making of two Trek fans lifelong dream. Chase is seen on the DVD Director's Edition which is available from Amazon.

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Ballerina Finale (aka "Underground Ballet") (1997)... . Lori

Chase plays the principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet. Chase was able to utilize her 19 years of experience as a dancer, 5 of those as a professional dancer, in this role. The film is about the character's struggle within herself to determine what she wants from her career and whether the choices she's made are right for her.

Marina (1997) Chase played a young Spanish dancer who becomes involved with an American businessman in this short film which also stars Linda Blair.

Digital Man (1995)... Susie

Chase is a delight as local redneck trailer trash. Along with Don Swayze (Patrick's younger brother), Chase cuts loose and chews on the scenery as Billy and Susie, local yokels caught in the middle of the war zone. In a movie suffocating under it's own ponderous gait, Chase's over the top performance is a breath of fresh air.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)... Giggling Court Lady

1993 Mel Brooks film starring Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Tracey Ullman, and Dom Deluise. Chase appeared as Richard Lewis' girlfriend.

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Married People, Single Sex (1993)... Beth

Chase played Beth in this 1992 drama. Beth is in an unsatisfying marriage and the first in her group of friends to have an affair. The film deals with the consequences of infidelity.

In a Moment of Passion (1993)... Tammy Brandon

Chase plays the female lead and love interest of actor Maxwell Caulfield. Her character is an expert horsewoman/stuntwoman. This was a grueling role for Chase because she spent most of the film on horseback and did all her own stunts. The film was shot entirely on location in Poland and Germany.

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Biography and filmography by Stompy and Don Daniel.

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