Chase stopped by and chatted with the folks online

Nighthawk: Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2003 10:51 pm Post subject: Spudgun and Nighthawk's Chase Masterson Shrine


I was instant messaging the world famous Spudgun (AKA Mark) a few moments ago. He was regaling me with tales of the London Con he was able to go to, and of course those tales are his to tell. (To whet your appetite however Mark will soon be able to tell you exactly why he is world-famous. 2003 is the Year of the Spud! )

In any event, in the course of our conversation Mark mentioned that he had met Chase Masterson. Mark had nothing but high praise for her (and again I will let Mark tell that story himself.)

Talking with Mark gave me the idea of creating a thread just for/about Ms. Masterson. So I did. And since Mark gave me the idea I slapped his name on it too! Consider this a present Mark.

Hopefully Mark can be tempted to post on this thread and tell us a bit about what it was like to meet Ms. Masterson in person. For now here is a picture of her:

Paul: I didn't know Chase was going to be at the con. She's a close friend of Creative Light - she's done a couple movies for them including one that's coming out called Inhuman.

I was at an event in LA several years ago and Chase made this amazing entrance with a group of Marines carrying her in.

She is gorgeous and certainly can play to the crowd. I look forward to hearing about Mark's meeting with Chase.

LeopardHead: Chase Stars in a Creative Light flick once called INhuman now retitled Creature Unknown.

I don't know if there's any "collector" value in grabbing the Inhuman wenb artwork that is still up but we'll soon be changing it over to Creature Unknown.

For example compare the site above to the info on

Chase will also do a cameo role in Mark Hamill's directorial debut Comic Book the Movie.

more on chase

Spudgun: Chase was at the London Con, after she did the "meet the stars" on the stage, she went downstairs and the goddens of loveliness beckoned me... I walked over and started to chat, I have meet her before in Manchester a couple of years ago, she sang a little song in the style of Maralin Monroe (like happy birthday mr president), so I asked her if she was doing a CD of songs and she said that was a great idea, now I'm not saying any thing but she has now done a CD... lol... so this time I asked here how the CD was doing and told her all about this site, she said she would check it out, so here you are Chase... BIG KISS.. she is the most lovely person to talk to, whereever she is, she will stop and talk to fans and you are most likely to find her in the bar, I have been told she likes a drink or two with Lolita Fatjo. hi guy,s

I first met chase in 1999 at supernova in manchester I asked if I could have my picture taken with her and she said yes great you're the first person to ask me so that's my claim to fame the first person at the con to get a photo with chase.

in 2001 my family and I went to "voyager the return" in blackpool and chase was there so I went over to chat with her and told her we had met before at manchester and she rememberd me I was stunned that night at the party she came over to my table and asked my family to dance with her. my son was over the moon.

Spudgun: hi Neil,thanks for your story,I was at supernova in '99 in manchester,Chase was walking around in her nightrobe,did you she her? I have a pic somewhere, if I find it I will scan and send to Nlghty....but she is so friendly and open, I well believe that she asked your family to dance, that's the kind of person she is...

LeopardHead: Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2003 6:04 pm Post subject: Chase in the house


hey all Chase is here with me. I'm showing her this thread. Any qucik questions for her?

(not sure if she'll have time to answer but...)

Chase: Hey, Everybody!! Thanks so much for being here! This page is so sweet of you to do...I'm blushin'!

Anyway, I sure did have fun in London (and way back, in Manchester, too...)

Nighthawk, I'm from Texas, too! Austin. Where are you from?

Nighthawk: Daniel...why don't you let Chase sign in under her own name? Beaumont BTW. And I remain unconvinced you are not having me on...but if this is really Chase it is so nice to speak with you.

Chase: Chase again:

Hey, Nighthawk! It's me...from Austin, TX--I went to UT and lived near west campus...

Where do you live?

Nighthawk: OK-I'm a believer! I have no idea how you happened to be sitting in Daniel's office but I will just thank my lucky stars!

I live in Port Neches which is a small town outside of Beaumont, down near the Texas/Louisiana border.

I have no idea what to ask you-hey tell me why you are in Daniel's office! What new projects do you have coming up?

Chase: Thanks for bein' so sweet...!

I've heard of Port Neches, but I've never been--I have some friends who live in Marshall, though.

I'm in Daniel's office because I stopped by Creative Light to bring some Happy New Year chocolates...they're a really great company--I've worked with them several times, including on the upcoming film, "Creature Unknown." And we have some projects coming up.

I'm working on a CD right now, called "Thrill of the Chase"...right now, literally, I'm almost late for a meeting with my producer, so I should run! But I had to see what you guys were doing here--it's so cool of you! (And I'm sure Bill appreciates it, too!)

Thanks again!--Hope to see you guys somewhere soon!

Chase: PS: Mark, (Spudgun?) Are you the guy who mentioned at the con in London? If so, I remember you--thanks again to both you & Nighthawk for posting this!


Nighthawk: Beaumont is about an hour and 15 minutes outside of Houston down IH10. It was a privelege to speak with you-I hope someday you return here and read that. Daniel-set that lady up with a BBS account! Love, NH

LeopardHead: I encouraged her to continue contributing from her home. She was really getting into it. "Any replies yet?" "How about now"

But even though I offered to show her how to set up anaccount she thought she wasn't web savvy enough to do it at home.

I'm sure if she comes by my desk again we can get a repeat performance.

Nighthawk: Tell her I'll be happy to tutor her personally.

Starbase CGI: I just wanted to throw in there all the stuff she probably hears at the cons.

I am a big Star Trek fan. Ive seen all the Deep Space Nine episodes and I would probably watch Star Trek with Chimps in suits.

I thought that the Dabo Girl, Roms wife was a complex character, although she came into the series late. Was much like Rom and not to be taken advantage of.

You played the part smartly, and well. I belived you were a dabo girl or a roulette wheel. Took me a while to get the game was Routlette. It would have been interesting to see the character develop. I know you would have played some scams on Quark, who kept trying to cheat you out of your tips but who knows.

In the end Im sure the Dabo Girl had a nice wad of Gold Pressed Latimum in her sock Drawer and maybe a tablet PC too!

Paul: Pretty good timing to have started this thread.

You can be assured it actually was Chase - even without the London con reference to Spud. They didn't even call me to tell me she was stopping by...

I bet I don't get any of the chocolates, either.

Nighthawk: Maybe if you act fast they will save you one...

And yes it really was her!

Starbase CGI: Chase has a fan club site.

With a tons of pics and a biography including film projects with Creativelight. Can't believe I ever missed that one.

She was even in Trekkies. Which is so funny. It's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Even though it shows Star Trek people in a deragatory way it's damn funny.

Her website features the shot of the Family truck with a camper shell made to look like Galileo 1.

Admin: Paul, you know how things go around here.

Most of the time, unless we've scheduled the meeting, Daniel and I find out when people are coming in when they pass by our offices. One minute you're sitting there and the next Chase is saying "hello" and giving you a hug (she's really a nice, nice person).

Last week Daniel spent about an hour and a half with Mark Hamill talking comic books. Always something fun going on.

BTW, not only is Chase featured in the upcoming Creative Light release of Creature Unknown (was titled Inhuman -- don't ask ), but Chase is also in another Creative Light film Comic Book The Movie with Mark Hamill, Billy West (Ren & Stimpy), Jess Harnell (Animaniacs, Scooby-Doo), Donna D'Errico (Bay Watch, Goldmember), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Square Pants), Stan Lee (do I need to list his credits?), Hugh Hefner (ahem), and many others.

And for those of you still doubting if it was really Chase last night, Daniel got some photographs that we'll try to get uploaded today of her sitting at his desk typing to you guys.

Bill Rini

Dave: VERY cool. It's just one more thing that makes this site so special.

Spudgun: OH WOW..CHASE REMEMBERED ME!!!!!! told you Paul, I promoted this site like yes its the year of the Spud

Paul: And Chase also stars in Sammyville - a really creepy murder mystery also by Creative Light. If you are a Chase fan - it is *MUST HAVE* for your movie library.

LeopardHead: Here's your photographic evidence that last night's appearance by Chase was for real. Chase seated at my computer with Spplat Attck propaganda in the BG.

Note my desktop toys green lantern and underdog chummy on the couch

Spudgun: when I IMed with Nighawk this morning I almost fell of my chair...I couldnt belive it, thank you again Leopardhead for making my day and to you nighthawk for making this thread.... I'm one happy Spuddles....

Paul: Dave wrote: What would it take for it to be a must-have in the store? ~Dave

There-in lies the rub...for we are a Shatner/Star Trek store and Sammyville is not a movie we normally would sell. If you follow the links provided by Daniel (Leopardhead) above; the good folks at Creative Light will be happy to sell you a copy of Sammyville.

They have a cool selection of independent films they represent- I personally own most of their movies and can't wait for the new Chase movie to come out. I was in LA last summer when they were doing the casting for the movie.

I've been a Chase fan since the early 1990's - she's a member of the Groundlings. Did you knwo that she did a stint on an internet sci-fi show in 1996? And did you know that the folks behind that internet show went on to be in Free Enterprise that Bill starred in? The Entertainment world is a tiny world of strange connections.

LeopardHead: Paul, what was the internet sci-fi show? Was it at American Cybercast?

Paul: American Cybercast was the backer but the show was called Eon-4 - we have it still running but you have to know the secret to access it. Pretty cool stuff for it's day - the Eon-4 project started a Groom Lake (another connection!) and was about first contact. Chase played a character called Kat. Up to that point she was almost an unknown - a couple movies and I think a stint on GH. Within the year she was EVERYWHERE! It was a Chase explosion.


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