Chase Masterson
July 9, 1998

Moderator I'm pleased to welcome Chase Masterson, co-host of our very own Sci-Fi Enterainment (airs Fridays on the Sci-Fi Channel as if you didn't know...

Moderator ...and perhaps better known as fan favorite Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Moderator Welcome Chase! Can you speak?

Chase yes! hi, all!

Moderator Thanks for joining us tonight. Any opening remarks?

Chase okay, i'm just now remembering how to type....thank you, everybody for being here--i'm really excited about talking about the new show. talk to me!

<MrBill> : Hello from Toronto Chase... any word yet on new episodes for Leeta on DS9

Chase Hi, Bill. Yes, as I hear, Max and I are heavy in episode 4, and we'll be back throughout the season. I'm really glad. have you been watching?

<Philman> : Chase you and scott seem to have so much fun doing sci fi entertainment. Is it as much fun as it seems

Chase It really is a fun show to do, because it is so diverse. It's both hip and informative, and we're covering everything from entertainment to science affecting our real lives.

Chase have you been watching? what do you think?

<LBudde> : How long does it take to prepare for one Sci Fi spot? Quite different from a series? Or not?

Chase Hi, Linda!! Yes, it's different from preparing for an acting role, because I don't have to step into someone else's mind and body, I have to be in my own. Strange as it may sound, that's sometimes harder, more challenging, more fun, just to get to be yourself.

<Adar> : Chase of the stars you interviewed so far which one did you have the most fun interviewing?

Chase Well, those Xena boys sure are cute...

Chase Honestly, we've had a lot of great interviews, it would be hard to pick one. We've had a lot of people be amazingly candid.

<WookieAddict> : Hey Chase, wouldn't you rather speak your mind on Sci-Fi Entertainment, rather than read from cue cards the whole show?

Chase Like Chris Carter, Gillian, David D, plus interviews coming up with Arthur C. Clarke, and more.

Chase Yes, in answer to your question, I would like to have a bit more of ourselves and our opinions show.

<Sue> : What international country would you like to do a convention at that you have visited yet?

Chase It's always great, too, to have open discussions with guests or fan debates.

Chase I love to travel. I think Scotland would be amazing. We're checking into it.

Chase I hear the far East is even starting to have cons. Wouldn't that be incredible?

<Ispep> : When do you tape the in-studio segments for SF Entertainment?

Chase We tape those every few weeks, and in-between is when the producers and Scott and I do the field work and voiceovers.

<thetas> : chase,do you know if your show Sci-Fi Entertainment will do any segments on British science fiction yet?

Chase I would love for us to, especially since so many key writers and actors are from over there.

Chase Talk to me about specifics. Is the show working?

Chase What would you like to see more of?

Chase Less of?

Moderator we'll give everyone a chance to speak directly to you at the end...

Chase okay.

Moderator so save those replies!

Chase yep.

<redmondwolf> : What is the hardest thing you have done on the show?

Chase We're developing the style of the show right now, even still, which is not necessarily easy.

<LBudde> : I met Scott when he worked for Creation. He seemed pretty quiet. Is that his real personality?

Chase By that I mean wardrobe choices, delivery and segment style, etc., but every show goes through that.

Chase Scott is a really naturally nice guy. A bit shy, and just now getting used to being in the public eye, but very likeable and really knowledgeable about science fiction.

Chase I really liked Scott's work in the Henry Winkler episode--he asks intelligent questions, and raises pertinent points.

<ModernSamurai> : Has there been any talk of possibly changing the time slot SF Entertainment is in?

Chase WE'RE HOPING!!!!

<Ispep> : Hi Chase! I love SF Ent. but I was wondering about DS9. Now that Dax is gone, have you been approached about increasing the size of your role?

Chase The writers have such a great handle on the overall arc of the show, I know they'll do what's right for the show, so I haven't really spoke with them or vice-versa.

<cyberspock82> : were you interested in Star Trek before Deep Space Nine?

Chase Yes. I had a boyfriend who was really into TNG--I was only allowed to call him during commercials. (Hello?) So I started watching so I'd know when the commercials were. Data was my favorite.

Chase Then I'd watch DS9 because it was next. Honestly, I swear, Ferengi episodes were my favorite. Loved Moogie. Loved Family Business.

<Adar> : how long does it take to up the Bajorian nose on?

Chase 3 and a half hours for hair, makeup and wardrobe. I usually get to work at 4 a.m.

Chase Hi, Mike Smith!

<WookieAddict> : Hey Chase, do you have any input on your character's dialogue, and the plot?

Chase We don't have real input, because the writers are so excellent, and that would also make them crazy. Maybe the regulars do influence a bit, but not even that much. It doesn't really work that way, because the writers do what they do and that's just it.

Chase However, fan response is really important.

<bubbaj> : What part of Leeta's character are you looking forward to exploring?

Chase I think that's why Leeta and Rom have expanded, and I'm so thankful.

Chase I think that with the war going on, Leeta may have the opportunity to show a more heroic, brainy, capable side. I think everybody knows she's got it, but we don't get to see it often enough. Hopefully, this year.

<stompy> : What do you think Leeta and Rom's kids'll look like?

Chase I mean, it's fun being comic relief, but it would be great to have more substance, you know?

Chase oh, dear...I always say, what would it look like? Cleavage with ears?

Chase (sorry I'm running behind.)

<chiefobrien> : Good evening Chase. A number of actors from all of the newest trek shoes, net Gen, DS9 and Voyager have turned to directing episodes. Are you going to give that a try?

Chase I would love to direct someday, but I don't know if it will ever be on Star Trek. I would really like to direct a documentary, something extremely gritty, a look at real life.

Chase I'm also producing some projects, and shepherding them right now. That's the kind of creativity I see myself doing, beyond acting.

<Ispep> : Chase, I know lots of celebs support certain non-profit organizations, do you have a pet organization?

Chase Hi, Sue Harke!

Chase Hi, Eike!!! Oh, my god, I need to call you.

Chase Hi to all my club members especially. I really appreciate everybody being here. It means a lot.

Chase Hi, Randy in KC!

Chase I recognize some other names, but I don't know all the internet aliases.

Moderator Chase, would you like to go unmoderated now?

Chase Sure. Want to?

Sky hello chase i am your cousin from oklahoma how are you

Ispep CHASE - You rule!


PeterMessore hi Chase

WookieAddict wow, chase has the guts to go unmoderated

Ironf There are rumors on the net that Scientologists are feeling that they aren't being fairly represented in current sci-fi stories and are lobbying to get a mention on a future DS9 or B5. Have you heard anything about this through the entertainment grapevine?

stompy Hi Chase

Chase Hi, Oklahoma?

CLS112073 hi chase!!!

Alon Hi Chase :-)

SueHarke Hey Chase, nice to be going unmoderated!

Andromeda Check out this website:

LBudde Hi Chase! The kids say hi!

Q-ball hi CHASE

BorgQueenAmy Hey Chase! Remember me? I did the Ferengi Love Dance in KC!

Wolfman319 I love DS9!:)

Moderator We are unmoderated now. Please give Chase a chance to answer your questions.

Cyrollan advertiser

stompy Stompy misses you Chase

Dabochaser Hi Chase, Ken here, just wanted to say hi!

Sky chase how do i join your club

StarLyte Hey Chase, what's the word on the new Star Trek movie, Insurrection? Will your Leeta character make an appearance??

Moderator ...and have fun.

Chase Scientologists are continuing to make a big stand, but I don't know about on Star Trek.

SueHarke Both Stompy and I miss you.

Trek Hi Chase, it was great meeting you in person about two years ago at the Boston SciFi show. Thanks for the autograph

* Brandon slaps Moderator around a bit with a large trout *


Raptor hmm

Chase Hi, Stompy, hi ken.

cyberspock82 What can you tell us about the next season of Deep Space Nine?

Dabochaser Hi Stompy!

* Brandon slaps Moderator around a bit with a large trout *

Raptor Moderator, remove Brandon

* Sky straitens tux *

Cyrollan a kick is comin

Chase a large trout?

Raptor n/m server flood

Raptor heheh

Q-ball ok

Nagus Hi Chase, geetings from Germany! We miss you! Are any cons planned in Europe in the near future?

Chase what?

Adar it's a mIRC thing

Raptor its annoying

Eeyore I just have one thing to say to's the parrot.....and what's it like to be married to a......nevermind

WookieAddict chase, isn't it nice to be able to start a flood?

Chase Yes, Vienna in October,

MikeSmith hi chase, can we talk sunday in boston?

Chase oh, eeyore, that hurts. Hi.

EricStone Hi Chase! Say Hi to Michele for me in Toronto, and I hope to see you in Boston.

CLS112073 Greetings from the nation's capital Chase!

Adar Are you married? How long? Any kids?

StarLyte Hey Chase, what's the word on the new Star Trek movie, Insurrection? Will Leeta make an appearance?

Sky your great great grand father is mine also and my name is Sky Day

Alon Hi Chase, what advise would you give to an aspiring actor? :-)

Ispep CHASE - Besides dancing and acting, have you ever aspired to do anything else?

Wolfman319 this is messed, right Chase(a.k.a. Major Kira)?

Nagus How would you like DS9 to end for Leeta?

PeterMessore hello Chase

Chase eeyore, I should have known...

Eeyore sorry chase.......I had to......I got tired of listeng to parrots all afternoon

ewr Major Kira????????

SueHarke Hey Peter, nice to see you here.

Chase Aspiring actors, only do it if you absolutely have to, and then don't look back.

StarLyte Will Leeta make an appearance in the new Star Trek movie?

* Sky gives chase a light blue and white rose *

Chase more on this later, eeyore.

WookieAddict Chase, serious question, is anyone a pain in the ass to work with on DS9?

Eeyore hehehe

Nagus How would you like DS9 to end for Leeta?

Chase no leeta in ST 9, unfortunatley.

Wolfman319 My TV makes it sound like that

RandyKC Chase do you know when you'll be back in the midwest?

PeterMessore nice to see you too Sue

Chase I don't want it to end! Dammit!

Raptor heh

RandyKC who does?

Ironf With the movie "Small Soldiers" getting rave reviews, any chance of seeing an interview with the voices behind the figures, especially George Kennedy?

Liberator21 Chase, I doubt you remember me but I was at the Tulsa Convention in OK, I just wanted to say hi!!!

Chase Hi , Peter, are you there?

Eike Hi Sue, how are you?

PeterMessore yes, I'm here

LBudde Chase will be in Denver next month RandyKC!

CLS112073 i want to see leeta take over quark's bar!

Chase When did you get here, Peter?

PeterMessore I've been here all along

Chase Yes, denver, next month.

Sky lol

Chase Hi, I didn't know!

cyberspock82 What did you think about Terry Farrel leaving the show?

WookieAddict hey Mod, is Chase the first celeb daring enough to go unmoderated?

PeterMessore it's ok

Alon How did you first get started into acting Chase? What kind of work did you do before you got steady acting jobs?

Chase Yes, Leeta's Bar, dangit!E

deb Hello Chase. I hope to be able to see you at a convention soon. I`m a club member and I feel good about supporting you and CBA.

stompy Come to TX okay?

daka what are the dates in Denver?

Chase thank you.

Wolfman319 I like you the most in DS9, Chase.

Adar It's wierd that you know all of these people. I feel like the only one who hasn't seen you at a convention.

Eeyore Ya know it's hard to keep quiet reading these postings

LBudde Last weekend in AUgust - Denver.

Cyrollan I agree Eeyore

ewr Hi, Chase.. You do excellent work on DS9. Tell us, how was it to kiss Alexander Siddig???? We all want to know

Nagus Are you a sports fan, and if so what kind of sports?

CLS112073 was the cast sad by farrells leave of the show?

Chase I was a pretty serious suit-wearing business girl. 5 assistants, the whole bit . @ House of Blues.

* Sky thinks chase isnt used to being in wild chat rooms *

Philman Chase any florida conventions in the future


stompy How 'bout Manboy the Series?

Wolfman319 Sky, don't play with your silence crap!

Eeyore <-----has not met chase at a convention : (


Chase I never really kissed Bashir.

* Sky slaps Brandon *

LBudde darn

Chase yes, manboy the series! watch for it.

Sky chase???

Chase yes???

Dabochaser Hi Chase

Chase Hi, who are you?

CLS112073 we all love you chase!!!!!!

Eeyore i like the name dabochaser.......clever

RandyKC manboy, which network?

ewr i thought u did in one episode... could be mistaken... Didn't you end by breaking up?

Chase hmmm.

Alon How do you like to wind down after a day of filming Chase?

Dabochaser How was the rest of your weekend after Shoreleave?

Chase randy, not yet . stay tuned.

Adar Are their actually rules for Dabo? Did you learn them?

RandyKC will do

Sky can i get your email so i can email you more info about our geneoulogy

StarLyte Hey Chase, how heavy are bars of Gold Pressed Latinum??

Wolfman319 How is the set of DS9?


Chase don't need to wind down after filming. it's energizing, and that's good.

RandyKC thanks Peter

Chase I sleep a lot after conventions, tho.

Sky pardon my spelling

Chase not heavy, latinum.

Alon LOL

Nagus How's your son?

Eeyore more energy chase (with two thumbs up)

Wolfman319 get a clue, Sky!

Chase the set is fun. nicer than some others.

Eike HI <Chase>, hope your're allright.

Chase Jeremiah is great. 12 on the 4th of July.! Love him

Adar Chase, are you actually typing yourself, or is there someone there typing for you?

Chase i'm typing, can't you tell?

the-eye Chase. How do you like doing SciFi Entertainment?

WookieAddict chase, seriouly, they have to let you and Scott speak your own minds a little more, at times, the show sounds like entertainment tonight

CLS112073 i hope they have leeta in more episodes this year!

LBudde What did Jeremiah get for his bday?

Chase more energy, chase.

Ispep CHASE - How much time do SF Ent. and DS9 take up? Do you have time to do other projects, or do you spend it with your son?

Eeyore there ya go chase

Sky and chase if your ever in oklahoma im a pilot ill take you for a ride

Cyrollan hmmmmm


Eeyore a ride huh? that seems to come out a little wrong

Chase I make time to work on the stuff i'm producing, cuz i'm really passionate about it. but I love spending time w/miah, and so I do that , too.

Alon Chase, do you ever hang out with any of the other DS9 cast members after the day is done? Ever met any of the Voyager or Next Gen cast members?

LBudde hey sky... I'm just north of you. Can I have a ride?

Fanboy2001 hello

Sky in the plane of your choice

Chase Hi, Rande!!

Adar Chase do you use the internet or do you only come on for these chats?

flash Chase why was scifi buzz cancelled ?

Chase eeyore, you stop!!

katak any movies in the near future chase?

Eeyore : X

CLS112073 you don't look old enough to have a 12 year old son chase!

WookieAddict ha ha ha

Fanboy2001 whats up

Ispep WOW! Your son is 12 years old already! 4 more years and he'll be driving.

Chase sometimes hang out w/max and Lolita.

Dabochaser Chase, when are your movies coming out?

* stompy sits in the corner sucking his thumb *

Chase x, yourself!

CLS112073 i thought you were about 26

RandeGoodwin Hi Chase! :)

Chase ps eeyore, i'm thrilled you're here. very cool.

Fanboy2001 FAGOTS

Eeyore i'm keeping my mouth shut difficult as it is

Raptor hmmm

SueHarke Stompy, no need to sit in that corner by yourself, let me join you.

Philman Lolita seems like a real fun person I am sure the three of you have alot of fun together

Chase the stephen king film is out end of Summer, then there's a few more.

Adar who is max and lolita?

flash Chase will yuo have Harlen ellison on your show?

WookieAddict dammit, i'm not one of the 30 people chase knows in this room!

katak -----(-@

StarLyte Chase, does the Prominade get pretty crowded w/ extras on DS9??

WookieAddict Stephen King? say what? what stephen king movie?

Raptor Harlan was on B5 once...

Adar I know how that feels Wookie

PeterMessore is it still called "Ice Station: Erebus" Chase?

Chase Lolita is a blast. she's been on staff @ ST for like 10 years. She's max's girlfriend. Leeta was named after Lolita.

Ispep CHASE - How do you know all these people...and remember them?

WookieAddict heh heh

Nagus Did Max and Lolita talk about this year's Fed Con?

Sky in the words of some of the more shy people in here you are PHAT

Chase hope we'll have Harlan.

Liberator21 Hi Chase, I Love all your work and you do an excellent job on DS9 and SF Ent. !!!!!!!

Chase Hi, Wookie, no offense! I'm sorry! how are you?:

Ispep CHASE - Do you ever eake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and just think about how beautiful you are?

WookieAddict I'm fine Chase, how are you!

stompy Chase can I have another shrimp?

van Hey Chase! What's been your career high point and low?

the-eye CHASE-- Do you know anything of a DS9 movie?

Chase ISPEP- they're all very cool people. its not hard.

Adar Well Wookie be happy.

Chase okay, wook, and you?

flash Chase - why was scifi buzz cancelled?

WookieAddict yes, i'm very giddy right now

* CLS112073 love chase *

WookieAddict right now......yeah, i'm still fine

Chase Now would have to be the high point so far. having lots of fun. there were a few lows.

Adar Chase do you use the internet or do you only come on for these chats?

Alon Who are your favorite actors and actresses Chase? You're one of my faves btw ;-)

* CLS112073 thinks shes very beautiful woman! *

Chase don't know about ds9 movie. But keep those cards and letters comin!

* Sky sits in his usall chair *

deb I just got your autographed picture Chase. It is beautiful. Thank you!

Chase I just got my computer set up like this week.

Chase Very complex, yes?

daka How can we join your fan club?

Ispep What kind of computer?

LBudde Chase, have you read your AOL folder?

* Adar is thinking he has to start going to conventions soon *

Chase thanks, deb.

PeterMessore now she can run her own WWW page! ;-)

WookieAddict she seems like the type that talks to the people, you know, wants to find out what's on their minds, y'know?

stompy Chase do you have an email you'd share with us?

CLS112073 chase how do fans get an autographed picture of you?

BorgQueenAmy Hey Chase! I have pics of us from a St. Louis and KC convention on my web page.

StarLyte Chase, ever gotten flustered over reciting lines of Techno-babble for DS9?

SueHarke Chase, it's about time you got that computer. You've beening talking about it long enough.

LBudde Wookie... Chase is the best! She is a very kind lady.

Adar Good question CLS

Chase yes, please join. we have loads of fun, and we raise big $ for Caring for Babies with AIDS.

flash Do you know Mike Jerrid from scifi buzz?

Sky chase whats your email so i can send you info about our geneology

WookieAddict i agree LBudde

Chase write my club for a picture, if you'd like.

Chase don't know mike.

CLS112073 whats the clubs address?


Philman The club is alot of ffun

a-man cool

Chase very sweet. you people are way too nice.

Adar Well LBudde at least you got to meet her. I haven't been to a convention yet.

ewr chase was particularly good in the episode where she joined with Dax's previous host...


Sky chase watch your language

Ispep CHASE - You say you areproducing other projects, what genre are you looking for?

Brandon Chase sucks a big one

Raptor hmm

LBudde kick brandon NOW

the-eye Get out of here!

Brandon im sorry

Chase seriously, the club is a pretty close group of people. we have our moments, like any group, but its very close, very cool.

CLS112073 kill brandon!!!!!!!!!!

Decker Are you considering a web site Chase?

BorgQueenAmy Hey Brandon! Chase is nice! I've meet her 3 times!

stompy is Chase's new site for the club

LBudde club address: PO Box 611, Waterbury, CT for info

PeterMessore she's got one:

WookieAddict yeah, it's


Chase Ispep, producing animation. I am, eeyore! Just watch!

MrNelsom Calm down. I don't think Brandon will say anything else.

Ispep CHASE - How do you stay in shape?

Eeyore i watching

SueHarke hey decker, Chase does have a website -- ask Stompy the address.

Raptor he left already

Eeyore i'm watching as well

Sky new record 54!!!!!

flash Chase no offence but i think scifi entertainment is trying to hard to be trendy and commercial. I liked the scifi buzz format better.

MrNelsom Wow.

Faith Hi everyone!

EricStone LBudde, I'm not sure, but I think that CT address is no good since Michele moved.

Chase or write me c/o Paramount. Now that I'm set up on computer, I'm going to start writing back.

MrBill And William asks what does Jeremiah think of Mom's New computer

Chase did you like sci-fi buzz better?

LBudde Ok...strike that address. Sorry guys.

flash yes


Nagus How's your Cannes documentary progressing, Chase?

stompy I have a PO Box for the club in Dallas but we're on the move

CLS112073 chase what is your e-mail address.

MrNelsom Not really.

WookieAddict i'm surprised no one has asked Chase to visit their sites yet

SueHarke The CT is still good. The post office will forward the mail to the new address.

Chase Miah likes to play Tetrix. so do I.

EricStone Okay. Thanks, Sue.

BorgQueenAmy Chase, did you do your own stunts in "Facets"?

Chase Cannes documentary was shot and is in post-production.

Adar What is the Paramount address? I'm sorry if i seem completely ignorant.

Chase Borg Q: I'll never tell.

* Sky levitats over the croud so he can move *

StarLyte Ms. Masterson do paparzzi bug you a lot?

Eeyore 5555 Melrose........don't know the zip

Chase 5555 Melrose., LA< CA 90038?

flash Just my option. I was a big fan of scifi buzz. Hope your show does well.

MrBill 90038

Eeyore chase knows the zip

BorgQueenAmy LOL! Ok, Chase!

EricStone Pictures of Chase at conventions on my site -->

stompy P. O. Box 810233 Dallas, TX 75381-0233

Decker Any future plans to go "Big Screen", Chase?

stompy is the Dallas PO Box for the club

PeterMessore is that valid now stompy?

EricStone Convention schedule for Chase & others on my site -->

katak chase any movies you have coming out

Adar How many members are there in the club?

Chase I really want to make sure that SFE stays true to the solid needs of sf fans, --one thing we're also trying to do is broaden our audience, that's why the stylistic stuff.

SueHarke Stompy, glad you're giving out the Dallas PO Box for the club.

MrNelsom Goodbye. Gotta go.


stompy yes it is Peter

WookieAddict nothing to do with chase (unfortunately), but visit

StarLyte Chase, have you pulled an practical jokes or pranks on any of the DS9 cast members??

Chase bye, Nelsom

ewr r we on moderate again?

Raptor no

Alon What do you enjoy most about DS9 Chase?

Chase everybody asks that!


Chase Would I?

Milton Keep up the great work.

stompy me & chase

Chase thanks.

Ispep CHASE - You mentioned earlier you had a boyfriend who loved TNG, what happened when you got the part of Leeta?

LikeStackpole hi

Chase um, nothing.

CLS112073 chse what did you think of the action figure playmates toys made of leeta?

stompy when is the new figure coming out?

LikeStackpole i'm just so nervous every time theres a chat with a celebrity they arent there

Moderator We are about to rap things up in about 2 minutes. Please send your last questions or responses to Chase.

Ispep And will there be SF Entertainment action figures?

Chase Love it. Some actors want an oscar or emmy, not me, I have my doll.

stompy thanks for coming out chase

PeterMessore you mean the 9" figure Stompy?

WookieAddict chase, is anyone a pain in the ass to work with on DS9? serious question

Dhrun Thanks Chase

stompy yeah Peter

StarLyte Chase, when will you go on the Rosie 'O Donnel Show or any other Talk Shows??

RandyKC hope to see you later this year

Chase SFE action figures? Hmmm...

PeterMessore it was cancelled

van contined career success

Nagus Do the actors on DS9 each have something of their characters in them?

Adar Are you a big Sci-Fi fan? Or was it just that BF that got you interested?

stompy :(

Chase no, not a pain in the ass.

Eeyore Glad you got a nice turnout chase

Paladin Good evening Ms. Masterson

CLS112073 is there going to be a9 inch doll of chase?

Decker CHASE! Thanx for putting up with this tonight!

deb Take care Chase and have a good evening. Hope to see you at a convention soon!

the-eye CHASE- Where did SciFi get your co host? He's kind of a goon.

Eike miss you...

stompy Bye Sweetie

LikeStackpole bye chase

Chase yes, the actors definitely do.

Alon Thank's for chatting with us Chase :-)

PeterMessore the 9" Leeta was planned but cancelled, if you want to see them makie it contact Playmates

EricStone so long, chase

RandeGoodwin By Chase--see ya soon!

LBudde Chase - HUGS! See you in Denver. Thanks for your time!

Nagus Bye Chase

PeterMessore bye Chase

WookieAddict isn't she still here for another minute?

Chase I really love our show, and lots of sf in general.

katak chase have movies coming out

SueHarke So long, Chase

THX-1138 Thanks for stopping by Chase. It's good to see someone who is so active in a worthy cause like CBA!

Dhrun Bye Chase and thanks for going unmoderated

LikeStackpole Hey paladin, where'd ya get the handle?

Sky im not gettin any answers so i gave up

CLS112073 love you chase keep up the wonderful work you do ds9 and sci-fi entertaiment! mooogie!

flash Chase, It was a pleasure talking to you . Westport CT loves DS9

Eike bye

Chase thanks for being here! Write me, and let me know what you think of Sci Fi Entertainment!

StarLyte Big hug to ya, Chase :-)

Liberator21 Can anybody see this message, please respond!!!

Moderator Do you have any closing statements for your audience Chase?

WookieAddict alright, well, see ya Chase, and thanks for actually chatting with us unmoderated

Adar lib i can see you

stompy Chasers need to come to the JLR chat room

Paladin The Medieval paladin. Alot of people think of the show which got his name from that

Chase Thanks for your sweetness and support, everybody. Much love, God bless, talk to you soon. XO

RandyKC where's the jlr room?

Moderator We would like to thank Chase Masterson for joining us. We had a lot of wonderful question and thank you all for going us tonight.

LBudde stompy - after she leaves, tell me how to get there.

LikeStackpole bye chase

Liberator21 Can anybody see this message!!!!

Adar Chase thanks for just being here and answering some of my questions. Now I'll have to find that fan club and joing

Paladin G'Bye

SueHarke Stompy, how do I get to the JLR chatroom?

flash god bless

LikeStackpole hey, anybody like mst3k?

Chase thanks, bye!

Alon Keep up the great work on the show :-)

EricStone Yes, Liberator21, we see you.

stompy sorry folks I am getting the URL now

WookieAddict Bye!

RandyKC k

LikeStackpole anybody staying?

WookieAddict dude, they have to get Chase to do this again

Philman Take care Chase I really enjoy your work hope to see you next year at the grand slam

LikeStackpole anybody stayin'

katak movies


StarLyte Chase makes Sci-fi FUN!!

Adar what's the grand slam?

stompy sorry for the delay

BorgQueenAmy You can see my Chase con pics here!

LikeStackpole amen to that, Adar

Chase no, sci fi's already fun.

the-eye See ya Chase!

CLS112073 bye chase!

LikeStackpole you just make it better

stompy thanks for coming out chase

WookieAddict Chase, will you do this again?

PeterMessore BYE CHASE

BorgQueenAmy Bye Chase!

LikeStackpole 9 people just left

LikeStackpole thanks fer talkin' Chase

MrBill Bye Chase, good chat , see you tommorrow

Paladin Have a good night Ms. Masterson

Chase okay, i'm really gone now. yes, i'd love to do this again. bye, everybody!

Raptor cya

stompy bye

LikeStackpole tg'bye

WookieAddict Talk to ya later!

Moderator We will definitely do this again soon!

CLS112073 we all love you chase!

LikeStackpole mean, g'bye

RandyKC bye

Alon Thank's so much for chatting with us :-)

StarLyte Bye Chase

Gantrithor hello

a-man hi

RandyKC least theres no airport to race to this time

LikeStackpole anyone know any TIE Fighter smileys?


RandyKC ;^)

Paladin {-o-}

Chase okay, i'm still here. thanx.

Raptor smileys Stack?

Adar what are the TIE Fighter smileys?

LikeStackpole chase is still here! Man, that Moderator's nice!

stompy and we still love you chase

Gantrithor uhhh.....

Paladin }-o-{

EricStone Chase, say Hi ti Michele for me!

StarLyte Hee hee Chase likes to tease

StarLyte lol

Gantrithor hello

Raptor mmm

Chase hi, michele

CLS112073 hey chase how about some oomock for everybody!

EricStone ha, ha

Raptor hehe

LikeStackpole The Wings are backwards Paladin, but still

PeterMessore hey Chase - give me a call sometime

Chase okay, now i'm really leaving.Bye!

Nagus Thanks for being here, you kept me awake (it's 4 am over here)

LikeStackpole its close

LBudde me too. :)

Liberator21 BYE CHASE!!!

WookieAddict best chat ever

Adar Why does everyone know Chase out of this room except me? I feel out of the loop. In a bad way.

Ispep See ya Chase!

Paladin Hey, I took a shot. <g>

CLS112073 :(

RandeGoodwin By all-- Sue, I didn't catch your email addr... Can you email me? See ya

Liberator21 THANK GOD!!!

Sky she left

LBudde Adar... join her club

LikeStackpole hey paladin, y'played Wing Commander

Chase no, adar, its not like that.

WookieAddict well adar, she actually TALKED with us, that made up for it

StarLyte Chase don't go! Stay all night!

stompy adar come to my room and we'll tell you all about chase

SueHarke RadneGoodwin, will do.

Frnt242 woah...

Adar I'm looking at the address now LBuddie

Paladin A long time ago

RandeGoodwin Thanks, Sue

Frnt242 hello peoples.

BorgQueenAmy Hye Stompy, thanks for telling me about this chat tonight!


LikeStackpole yeah, plan on playin' prophecy?

Raptor ah Mod left

Chase please don't think that!

Sky bye chase

LikeStackpole i can see 'im

stompy oh gosh is that you Amy

Chase bye.

Adar that is the address again LBuddie?

LikeStackpole tbye

Philman have a nice evening

BorgQueenAmy Stompy, it's me! Hi!

Paladin I don't know. I don't get a lot of time to play anymore

daka bye Chase ..we still see ya!


Alon Bye Chase :-)



LikeStackpole oh

stompy Amy is a BABE

CLS112073 bye chase. see you out there!!!!!!

EricStone Stompy, when are we switching over to the JLR chatroom?

BorgQueenAmy *blushes* Thanks, Stopmy!

Sky chase if your ever in oklahoma

Chase Eike, are you well? thank you for the socks.

Adar Stompy what is that address again?

Liberator21 IN THAT CASE Good Bye CHase It Was A Pleasure Talking TO You

the-eye It's strange, Chase knows everyone, 'cept me.

Adar for the official fan club?

stompy I am there now

LikeStackpole paladin, seems yer my only friend in this chatroom

Eike I'm allright, miss you... and you?

StarLyte Chase, don't forget to mention us on your next edition of Sci-fi Entertainment! :-)

Ispep Noe that Sliders is on the SFC, I wonder if Chase will do more guest star roles.

Sky ill take you for a ride

Heywood Is she still here?

Chase no, that's not true, the-eye!

CLS112073 you sent chase sock?????

Adar yeah eye everyone except me and you


CLS112073 she don't know me!

Paladin LOL!! I don't think that is true <g>

Heywood S-she l-left?

StarLyte Chase don't forget to mention us on your next edition of Sci-fi entertainment

Heywood I am too late?

Sky chase whats your email

Chase no, adar, these are just people i've met a buncha times. come up and say hi if you ever see me. Now I feel bad.

Heywood nevermind

LikeStackpole not yet, heywood. I think.

WookieAddict I'd say we all know Chase now

Frnt242 *yawn*

SueHarke How do I get to the JLR chat?

Heywood Hello Chase.

Chase thanks.

CLS112073 yhea! don't forget to ention us on sci-fi entertainment!

Frnt242 man, too bad i cant connect to reg irc from here

Eike How are you Ch. Sorry for the tears

LikeStackpole 3 more are off now

Philman Chase mention your club on sci fi entertainment

Chase tears?

Adar Chase ok I will but I live in Hickville,PA so the chace I'll see anyone remotely famous is next to nil

stompy sue

LikeStackpole tdon't ferget me, chase!

Frnt242 so, whats up here

BorgQueenAmy Chase, do the Ferengi Love Dance on Sci-Fi Entertainment! (HEh,heh!)

LikeStackpole doh!

Eike after last time. Michele told me

Sky chase

CLS112073 chase are you at home on your own computer?

Frnt242 well, i guess ill go

LikeStackpole tAmy, i take it you kinda like star trek

Chase Oh, right. Sorry.

Sky and me and im her cousin

WookieAddict yeah good question, where are you doing this from?

Heywood How long will you be here, Chase?

Chase Not your fault.

Eike thanks

BorgQueenAmy I love Trek! :-)

StarLyte Chase, how's your summer been?

PeterMessore bye chase

Eike feel better now

Chase thank you. I mean it.

LikeStackpole didja see voyager

me Chase, when will you be in the NYC area?

Raptor hmm

Chase Are you leaving, Pete?

Adar Chase you have to come to a convention in East PA. Then I'll come and see you even if i have to walk.

stompy thanks for coming out chase

BorgQueenAmy don't get Voyager. No UPN. :-(

Chase don't know NYC

SueHarke Chase, do you mind if I get Stompy to draw the winner for stamp donated to your club in about 2 weeks.

Heywood Yeah thanks.

me New York City...

CLS112073 chase is there any way you could tell us you measurements before you go?

Brandon Ki keets

Philman how bout south florida Chase

Chase thanksk, stompy.

WookieAddict ooooooh

Heywood Oh you are a perv

CLS112073 you have terrific body!

Chase cls, you are so tacky.

Brandon Hey chase

Raptor hehe

Heywood Well, could ya?

Heywood hehe

LikeStackpole Amy, where d'ya live so I can tell ya something

WookieAddict LOL!

Chase i'm leaving.

Heywood We are stupid

Heywood don't

EricStone Chase, what I meant earlier was please say Hi to Michele Hemming in Toronto this weekend.

Heywood I'll leave

BorgQueenAmy I'm from St. Louis

Chase for real.

LBudde bye kiddo

Paladin Gotta go everyone very nice to meet y'all. G'Night Ms. Masterson I enjoyed this very much, hope to do it again real soon

Ispep People always have to spoil it.

Brandon How mutch to you charge bitch

SueHarke Bye Chase

Heywood Well, bye

RandyKC g'night Chase

Raptor hmm

me Chase, come to New York City and we can hang out.

Raptor Brandon is back

Chase love you, LB!

CLS112073 well ihad to be tackyin order to get an answer fom you chase!

LikeStackpole ok. If you have regular TV, its on Sat. at 6 on channels 4, 7, or 31

WookieAddict Chase, thanks for coming, and if you want to get back at CLS, go ahead and broadcast this

* Heywood Begins to sry *

Heywood cry

Liberator21 Could you please say hi to me Chase???

SueHarke Nest time we get together, I will go out with you!

WookieAddict heh heh

Chase Hi liberator! okay, Sue.

Sky well she still doesnt know or even ecknowledges my existance

Chase shut up, wookie.

katak ever going to be in las vegas chase

StarLyte Chase what did you think of EL Nino ?

Heywood Would you please show some extra cleavage for me on your next show?

me Chase NYC is calling

Chase HI, SKY!! for god's sake!

Adar what is CLS?

RandyKC Chase, are going to be doing any more cons with Dave this year?

Eike Michele blamed me, so i feel really better now

WookieAddict okay

LikeStackpole everyone blames everything on El Nino these days

Ispep Chase, do you hang out with your fans after conventions?

Sky ::/join #JRL

Chase yes, cons w/ Dave.

CLS112073 cls is y name


Nagus Next time you see Max, tell him he was THE MAN at this year's Fed Con, please

Ispep I'm sorry, Dave?

Sky hello am i locked out

RandyKC Des Moines?

Brandon She better not charge more than 5 dollars

me So Chase, od you have a MAC or PC?

Brandon shes not worth it

LikeStackpole hello? y'there, Amy?

Raptor ok ping flood on Brandon everyone...

StarLyte Chase who's your favorite fashion designer?

EricStone Dave Scott, Slanted Fedora Entertainment. Next con is Aug. 1-2, Valley Forge PA.

Chase Eike, not your fault. it's that whole not enough hours in the day thing, you know? I need to find time to be a better friend.

Heywood Hey Chase!!! Do you charge money for Autographs????

BorgQueenAmy Yeah, I'm here...sorry

Adar Now i have to find a Starfleet Uniform with 4 pips for Commander. I mean what's the point if you can't come to a convention and outrank everyon.

CLS112073 sorry to ask you that question chase and i apologize!

LikeStackpole its Okay.

Ispep Cool, thanks EricStone

Chase NOOO!! I won't be in Valley Forge.

Heywood yeah right you apologize! YOu been planning that all night

Sky CHASE!!!!!

Liberator21 Chase, I saw you in Tulsa OK and I just want to say hi!

the-eye 4pips is Captain..

Brandon How about my bed baby

Chase Forgiven, cls.

stompy I've got it on the site chase, I'll have to take it down

Chase sky!!!

Chase thanks, stompy.

Reboot Damn lot of foks here

* Reboot list *

CLS112073 so have you heywood

trekaholic is the sci=fi channel going to play the star trek os ? What was that commercial about?

Heywood foks?

Adar fine then I'll have 5 and be comadore

* Sky feels left out *

SueHarke Chae, one more try. May I get Stompy to draw the winner for used stamp donations to your fan club?

me Hey Nagus, are you really from Germany? And is'nt it like 4AM in the morning there?

LikeStackpole Sky,hi

EricStone Better tell Dave Scott. His website still claims you as a guest.

Chase okay, i really have to go. they're locking the building. Much love.

Chase yes, sue.

Heywood So are you offended by nude pictures of you being posted on the internet?? *SERIOUS*

stompy bye sweetie

Adar great Valley Forge some place I might have been able to come to

LBudde Get some sleep.

Chase bye, all!!!!!

SueHarke Thank yuo.

Heywood LOVE!!!!

T-man Hi

LikeStackpole Sky how do you do that feelings thing

Sky chase is the only celeb to stay here without a op

WookieAddict see ya chase

Eike bye

CLS112073 bye chase sorry for the measurement question!!!!

the-eye Don't worry Chase, if they lock you in, we'll come to the rescue!

Philman BYE

BorgQueenAmy Bye CHase!

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