Dragon*Con '97: Chase Masterson
June 28, 1997

Moderator: We will now make the room moderated, so that we can begin.

AlanD: ok moderator!

ChaseMasterson: Thank you, Cynic-Guy!

Moderator: To ask a question of Chase Masterson, type "/msg Moderator" followed by your question...

Moderator: Any opening statements?

ChaseMasterson: hi, everybody--thanks for joining us!

corgi826242: Hi welcome, are you going to be in the next season of ds9?

ChaseMasterson: I hear that I'm written into a few of the first several episodes, but we never know until we see it in writing.

ChaseMasterson: I hope so--thanks for askin'!

ChaseMasterson: What did you think of the season finale?

Uncle-Eike: LEETA - How was Your Wedding party? .....BTW best marriage wishes from this side of the Galaxy.Don't worry Leeta ! I don't tell Rom anything about your little flirt with a German Ferengi in Bonn :-). My lips are sealed :-X

ChaseMasterson: Is this the Eike from Germany in my club?

Cynic-Guy: Your club? You have a fan club?? Tell us about it please???

ChaseMasterson: My online party was absolutely fabulous--I think its the best kind of party to have...you don't have to worry about driving, you don't have to worry about second hand smoke, and there's no line for the bathroom...

ChaseMasterson: Yes I have a club, of which I'm extremely proud. We have about 300 members, and they're all over the world, and they help me raise a lot of money for an extremely worthwhile charity called Caring For Babies With Aids. I'd love to tell you anything you'd like to know.

AlanD: Can you tell us of anything for the next season? Or can't you say anything about it?

ChaseMasterson: Well, to be honest, no one really knows a lot yet. I've heard the first five or six episodes are going to deal with the war, and I suppose the outcome of the war will predict the rest of the season. It's bound to be pretty interesting.

Informant: i heard that you once did an episode of Sliders, would you do another one?

ChaseMasterson: I would absolutely love to do another episode, and I think it could happen. Write to Sliders at Universal Pictures and request it, okay?

Cynic-Guy: Fan club... Site address? Mailing address?

ChaseMasterson: Yes! Am not sure of my site addresses, there are a few of those, but my club e-mail is Richmich99@aol.com. My club president is Michele Hemming, and she is so great!

Jexer: What about the future of the character/wedding? any kids?

Moderator: I've been informed that there is a fan club site at: http://members.aol.com/DABOpage/index.htm

ChaseMasterson: I'm thinking that if Leeta and Rom had kids, it might be a little Gremlins. With an earring, of course...

H^arog: first of all, A big Hello from Israel (Yep, you got fans here too!) , Does the Crew of DS9 pulls practical jokes while shooting scenes? are there any funny moments on the set you'd like to share with us?

ChaseMasterson: Oh, my gosh! Fans in Israel? That's very cool. How are you? ... Yes, the crew pulls jokes...on the whole, though its a kinda serious atmosphere on DS9, especially compared to Voyager. Who do you want to know about?

DD: Other than DS9, do you have any new projects lined up? What are you working on at the moment?

ChaseMasterson: Well, I just found out last night that I got a movie. It's a Stephen King adaptation called "Sometimes They Come Back...For More," and I'm one of the leads. Am really looking forward to it. Its for Tri-Mark, which is a great company.

corgi826242: What exactly is Dabo?

ChaseMasterson: Wouldn't you like to know...

Uncle-Eike: Is it true that you won a "Drive IN Academy Award" and if Yes can You tell us something about it?

ChaseMasterson: Well, a man named Joe Bob Briggs used to award those on The Movie Channel in his late-nite show. Is anyone familiar?

Ina: Hi Chase! When will your action figure be released?

ChaseMasterson: Hi, Ina! Is this Ina as in "Ralf and Ina?" My action figure will be out in September or October.

Cynic-Guy: Please tell us about any other TV shows or films you've had roles in? (And any favorites among them?)

ChaseMasterson: Well, I was in the Emmy-award winning episode of ER last year, and I have done several films and other tv shows, like General Hospital and Live Shot.

Informant: do you know of any plans for a Star Trek cookbook? Hey, wait, your character is Bajoran, do you know how to make hasperat? it looks so good.

Ina: Yes, it's Ina as in Ralf and Ina. Greetings from Cologne in the middle of the night

ChaseMasterson: Hi, you guys! I miss you!!! Thanks for tuning in! Everyone please meet Ralf and Ina, my friends in Germany. Ralf is my European Fan Club President.

ChaseMasterson: On the other note, I think a Star Trek cookbook is a great idea. Leeta really does have to learn to make a good glass of snailjuice...

Pegasus3: What's your favourite DS9 episode? (And this is Ralf as in Ralf and Ina)

ChaseMasterson: Hi!! It must be really late in Germany, yes?...I think my favourite has got to be this year's season finale...such great writing, and such fabulous work done by all the actors. I really enjoyed NaNa, especially, and Armin, and Marc Alaimo--thought the work was really rich and poignant. Loved the baseball at the end.

Informant: how close are you with the other actors?

ChaseMasterson: Am pretty close to Max and Armin, I think, and I get along well with all the others. Really very much like the makeup artists and hair people and rest of the crew. We really have a great time. I wish you guys could be there.

Uncle-Eike: What shows are YOU looking often on TV? Are there any actual TV-show actresses or actors, which are role models for you?

Informant: Send me a plane ticket and I'll be there tomorrow

ChaseMasterson: Okay, is this my friend Eike? Whose Uncle are you? Tell me a secret so I'll know. There are a lot of actors on television whose work I really respect. I guess I just try to make myself a sampling of their work, and learn as much as possible. I want to NYPD Blue or Murder One or Chicago Hope or Homicide.

Dolphin1: What do those ears that the actors who play Ferengi play feel like? Rubber? Plastic?

ChaseMasterson: They're kinda squishy. Like foam rubber.

corgi826242: are you a trek fan outside of your work on the show?

ChaseMasterson: I have to go in a couple of minutes. You can let the room be unmoderated so we all have a chance to say goodbye, okay?

Uncle-Eike: No, it's me Eike Greetings from Germany. It's 2:01 a.m here Sunday morning

Moderator: Okay!

Pegasus3: Hey, Chase, how are you?

Informant: Bye

ChaseMasterson: Yes, I love the show.

corgi826242: answer my question please?

creepy: tretboot: hehe

sgtfriday: thanks for the chance to meet you!!

corgi826242: oh never mind :P

Pegasus3: How was the cruise?

Dolphin1: Thanks for chatting Ms. Masterson!

RainboWar: Thanks for alking to us Chase.

viper-1: thanks

Informant: send be those plane tickets : )

corgi826242: bye bye thanx for comming!

Tretboot: cu!!!

ChaseMasterson: I'm good, pegasus!

H^arog: Hey! Chase! there Is a con here! Drop BY!

ChaseMasterson: Thanks for chatting!

tekkaman: byb :-)

Stewart: Keep up the good work on DS9!

Tretboot: Chase: Are you a Starwars fan???

RaptorX: Bye; thanks for your time

corgi826242: Dabo!

ChaseMasterson: The cruise was incredible you should do one.

Ivanova: Thanks for dropping by, Chase

Conman: It has been a pleasure to talk to you ms. Masterson! :)

Informant: they don't have to be first class : )

DD: Thanks for chatting!

ChaseMasterson: Dabo!


Cyrie: that's for chatting with us all Chase, I really enjoyed it

Cynic-Guy: Thanks Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ina: WE miss you too and hope we sees us in England in October. Bye for now.

RaptorX: PING 867517625

Josh: bye

creepy: chase: is there anything really new planned in ds9 ???

Ivanova: Chase, any quick comments about working with Terry Farrel?

creepy: thanks chase !!!!

Informant: will you do ant conventions in dallas?

corgi826242: break a leg!

ChaseMasterson: Yes, I like starwars--some of the guys are here this weekend.

H^arog: We're not worthy! We're not Worthy! :)

Tretboot: cool

Uncle-Eike: Bye Chase

Cynic-Guy: * hugs Chase and tells Bashier to give Leeta back her Teddy Bear! *

Stewart: Bye. Good luck in all that you do! :*

corgi826242: that'll be 3 strips pf gold pressed latnium please

Laertes: Who is Chase Masterson?

Conman: Ms. Masterson, do you like Babylon 5?

Uncle-Eike: and goodnight :-)

ChaseMasterson: I'm very excited about seeing you two, Ralf & Ina. Much love and thanks for your friendship and all you do.

H^arog: Hey

ChaseMasterson: I'm in Dallas in September.

corgi826242: come to d.c.

Informant: cool!!

H^arog: Don't forget to come to the Con... Schedule Israel for octorber!

Informant: where

Pegasus3: Thanks for chatting with us! Be well!

sgtfriday: come to phoenix too

ChaseMasterson: I don't get a chance to always watch B5.

corgi826242: break a leg! (3 bars for the doctor's fee)

Uncle-Eike: Anybody here from Germany?

ChaseMasterson: Would love to come to Israel!! Please request me!!

Tretboot: * is from germany *

Informant: is it a star trek convention you'll be in dallas for?

sgtfriday: who do we go through to request you?

Tretboot: Chase: will there be a DS9 film?

ChaseMasterson: Have lotsa fun doing cons request me through my club email Richmich99@aol.com., okay?

creepy: chase: is there anyhthin really new planned on ds9 ??

corgi826242: bye bye thank you!

Stewart: * is impressed *

sgtfriday: okay! thanks

Laertes: Chase: How are you affiliated with ds9?

Informant: i'm a really big fan , like you couldn't tell

Cynic-Guy: * hits Laertes in the head with a bar of gold-pressed Latinum!!! *

ChaseMasterson: Great stuff ahead for Season 6--stay tuned. Write me at Paramount, if you want.

Laertes: somebody fill me in...

Laertes: I love Ds9

Laertes: just don't names

Informant: do you answer fan mail?

sgtfriday: Paramont address?

H^arog: Chase, Give my regards to all The Cast!

ChaseMasterson: its a toyfair in dallas.

H^arog: Tell them this simple message You will come in October to Israel .

Informant: I'll be there if possible !

Laertes: (don't know)

Stewart: Give my regards to the whole DS9 gang!

corgi826242: can't wait to add your action figure to my collection (30 girls 2 boys)

creepy: chase: i got a pretty bid starttrek site (german) under http://www.infos.de/startrek/ would you PLEASE sign in the guestbook (in the page declared as Log) !

Cynic-Guy: Anything a regular guy can do to get a date with you??? (Sorry, I had to ask!)

ChaseMasterson: Paramount is at 5555 Melrose, Attn: DS9, Los Angeles, and you have to look up the zip code.

creepy: oops

Informant: thanks for answering most of my questions

ChaseMasterson: you're very sweet, cynic-guy.

sgtfriday: thanks

Cynic-Guy: yes, but I don't get out enough!

Kestra: :>

Stewart: Do you think that Leeta and Rom will have a kid?

H^arog: Sector 972 Israel's First Star Trek Convention , http://www.netking.com/sector972 With appearances from the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps! at http://www.klingon.org

Arleigh: Chase. Good luck with DS9, and any other career pursuits

Kestra: do any of us?

Cynic-Guy: Take care Chase, Thanks again!!!!!

ChaseMasterson: oops they say we gotta go--hope I kept up okay, sorry if I didn't , but it sure was fun...much love to you all as always...Chase.

corgi826242: bye! :)

Tretboot: Cu chase

sgtfriday: bye

Dolphin1: bye

H^arog: Don't Forget to drop by in October!

DD: bye!

RainboWar: ye

Informant: bye : (

Ina: bye

corgi826242: come back soon!

Ivanova: Bye Chase..thanks :)

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